IO Interactive: Critics Didn’t Get Kane And Lynch 2

The reason why Kane and Lynch 2: Dog days received a poor metacritics score of 67% only is simple: critics simply didn't get it; or at least that what IO Interactive general manager Niels Jørgensen seems to believe.

"I think it's a game that you either love or hate," he said. "It's interesting that we have scores ranging from 1/10 to 9/10, so we have critics that really loved it and those that didn't really get it."

Neils' comment sounds plausible at first, but it fails to take into account that most review scores for the game were consistently in the 60s to 70s range and that users gave it a 5.1 (out of 10) on metacritics.

We can't "get" why Niels expects gamers to magically "get" the game while critics don't.

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Funny how a commercial and critical failure like Kane & Lynch would even have a sequel in the first place, while the underdeveloped yet full-of-potential Alpha Protocol was swept under the rug and all prospects of DLC and sequels were shitcanned in less than a few months. I really have wondered about the industry's priorities this last decade...

maybe if it took longer then

maybe if it took longer then 2 hours to finish the whole dam game it might have done better, thank god i rented it and didnt pay $69 for such a short game that really wasnt much fun to play with the camera all over the place

I agree I'm tired of paying

I agree I'm tired of paying 60-70$ for a 3 hour game.Thats why i started going to used stores and waiting for the price to drop to 20$ or so.Games arent worth that much money when they last 2 hours and have no replay value.


The only fucking difference in score is that the OFFICAL XBOX MAGAZINE isn't exactly a reviewer..or the OFFICAL PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE..Both are fucking biased as fuck and dont review games in the slightest.

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