John Carmack: Mobile Games Are More “Pure”

John Carmack is known for developing some of the world’s most advanced PC graphics engines, but that doesn’t mean that he is blind to the merits of mobile games and their “pure” gameplay.

"I was really happy that when mobile came along with the more 'pure' games, they didn't have to be a $50 game that had man-centuries in them," he said. "You can have these small things that cost people a couple bucks."

"I don't have a lot of free time and I don't have 50 hours for Skyrim. That's not to take anything away from the massive titles, but it's great to have this broad spectrum of gaming," he added.

John Carmack is known for developing id Tech 3 graphics engine which powered Quake 3, id Tech 4 which powered Doom 3 and id Tech 5 which powered Rage.

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well he is right. but it's

well he is right. but it's the same as saying arcade games are purer games than console games. the only reason mobile games are purer is because they don't have or have a minimalistic story and cutscenes I.E. mobiles cant story, only gameplay.

oh you mean those grindfests

oh you mean those grindfests that masquerades as secret of mana style games? more like a singleplayer mmo with story like "go into woods and kill 50 rabbits". the only story mobiles can provide right now i trough an e-reader app.

i bought doom 3 at launch,

i bought doom 3 at launch, looked great, but it was such a boring game and repetitious and was no match for Half life 2 which was released around the same time. I actually played half of d3 and traded it in for a discount on hl2. Much better choice since hl2 was absolutely amazing at the time.

Half life 2 was fucking

Half life 2 was fucking terrible at the time, what are you talking about? Hollow plot, poor gunplay, dumb AI and annoying AI companions. Let alone the 1995-grade level design and substandard graphics. The only people who think it was god are people who hadn't played any games except HL1 until it. And there were HL1 mods that were better than it.

I was 16, and I'm glad some

I was 16, and I'm glad some guy paid by valve disagreed with the vast majority of PC gamers at the time? The only people who think it was good are the same people who get every single opinion from other people on the bet because they're incapable of making their own. Seriously, it came out way after Escape from Butcher Bay, had much, much worse visuals, a story that could have been written by a six year old and a character they hoped people would care for because they had boobs. If that's "the best game ever" then they've set the lowest possible bar for the rest of time.

Not to mention the crippling

Not to mention the crippling launch issues - there were months where nobody could play the game they'd spent $120 on because Steam refused to actually work. It was an atrocity compared to the nothing that was the Sim City launch - and people were threatening murder over that hiccup.


Poor gunplay & AI? Yeah battling those gunships with laser guided rockets was only the coolest piece of VG combat ever. The gravity gun that no one had ever seen before was so poor that Id decided to rip it off for the D3 expansion. I dare you to find a best video games of all time list that ranks D3 above HL-2. I'd actually be surprised to even see D3 on the list. People are definitely too hard on it, but Id softwares products back to & including D3 consistently fail to meet industry standards for their respective time periods. Both HLs shattered par when they dropped. The launch of Steam has nothing to do with the quality of the game or the enjoyment of the experience. I got mine free off TPB & it was totally worth my while. Furthermore, those greedy copy cunt a$$holes at EA don't get the slack that Valve does with Steam because like everything Valve has done so far, Steam was breaking new ground too. Whether you're a troll or just an idiot, fuck off.

yeah well HL2 didn't

yeah well HL2 didn't incorporate heightmaps or lightmaps or bumpmaps or whatever they're called, which is now the industry standard. That's a huge reason the source engine was able to have larger areas. So in the end it was the Id Tech 4 engine that shattered par.

Oh and......

Id Tech 5? Piece of dog shit, anyone? Ya word? Who uses that loaf of kife? The texturing problems in that hunk of butt load were hyped by Carmack as some kind of big deal like it was a good thing.

A week after what, it came

A week after what, it came out in Hungary? It's the reason people STILL hate steam so much after nine years. They were selling so many copies they didn't even fix it until eh discovered how easy it was to pirate it.

Well, if a tablet that can

Well, if a tablet that can run Skyrim natively is "very cheap" I'd love to live on your paycheck. The cheapest tablet I could find that would run it is a hassle core-i5 equipped tablet with discrete graphics for $1,500 USD. And it would play it terribly. Even beside that, how does that make Carmack a 'dumbass'? Something along the lines of Skyrim wouldn't even be possible on top-of-the-line hardware if it weren't for his influence.

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