Joustin’ Beaver Developers Sue Justin Bieber

RC3, the development studio behind Joustin' Beaver Android game, has filed a preemptive lawsuit against Justin Bieber, disputing a cease-and-desist letter issued by the pop singer's attorneys.

In the cease-and-desist letter, Justin Bieber lawyers claim that the game infringes on his trademarks and publicity rights. On the other hand, RC3 affirms that the game is a parody that is protected under the first amendment.

In the lawsuit, RC3 admitted that the game was inspired by Bieber's life. "In an effort to comment upon the Defendant's life, the Plaintiff, RC3 developed the aforementioned App entitled Joustin' Beaver," the lawsuit filing reads. "The App, a video game, is a parody of the commercial success of the Defendant and any celebrity. The parody app portrays a beaver floating on a log down a river. The beaver presents with bangs, a lance, and a purple sweater. The beaver knocks 'Phot-Hogs' that are attempting to take his photograph into the river with his lance. The beaver also signs 'Otter-graphs.' The beaver also must dodge the 'whirlpool of success,' which will lead beaver out of control, while navigating the river."

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As painful as it is to admit, I think Bieber is right.

As much as I hate Bieber I have to say that when you're getting money for it, your "parody" becomes tainted. If your objective is to make a social statement you don't charge people for it, otherwise it is simply using something current or popular to make money. That is not to say I really want Bieber to continue his existence, I want him dead as much as the next guy, I'm just explaining this from a logical point of view.


to me its just like with micheal jackson hated him now hes gone another guyish thing shows up to take his place but this time the one that took his place should take micheal jacksons place


Michael Jackson was good dude, His music was awesome, And if you are relating JB to MJ it's A good way to put it, But Michael Jackson wasn't gay nor did he rape children..

lolsuit is epic! We'll see

lolsuit is epic! We'll see how much Tween fags like him when he's lost all his money, can't put on make-up, and sings without auto-tune. All the Beliebers will commit suicide (in unison), and JB Haters will all win 20 Internets each. Perhaps the gods will even see that not ALL of humanity deserves to die and let us live another Millenia or two.

jb hate

guys think about it, is his whiney voice THAT bad? or is it the fact that all the girls like him much more than they like you and would ditch you for him in a heartbeat? i think its most probably the jealousy. but keep this in mind, when he gets older he'll have lived an entire life based on looks. when he gets older he'll be the most empty sad old man you'd ever see, i pity him for those days, he doesnt know what its like not being spoiled. when his parents die he'll be destroyed confused and broken beyond repair. just remember these things. he's just empty thinking he's everything. like a puppet who thinks he's a real boy.

All girls do not like him

I honestly have to disagree with you on some of that. As I am 15 and a female, and I honestly hate Justin Bieber, as does every other TEEN female that I know. So don't go assuming that every girl goes "OMG he's so hot/cute/whatever". But I'm positive that when he loses all the money, he'll just be a sad excuse for a human being.


From what I can see of Bieber's fans from my hometown, his fan base is more along the lines of preteen girls. These are girls who have yet to find singers that can sing well and are worth something as a human being, so I won't fault them for that.


Maybe he's not like that at all. Maybe your projecting your own insecurities or other pop-image-star-failures onto him. Maybe you're right. Maybe I'm wrong. I like him in his interviews. I like what the people close to him have to say about him. I also like the fact that he is a young man with character... something that many other young people could learn from. He claims to love Jesus, and even though he may fail at that along with other things (and he will.... alot.... like all of us) lets not judge him prematurely. He may fall hard, he may not. I don't know... you don't... he probably doesn't even know yet. He is rich and that seems to always bring people to attack him for his 'better off' status - this jealousy you spoke of. I HATE his music. Seriously. It is super lousy. I wanna puke when I hear it. His voice is acutely prepubescent in nature. Chalk board squeels come to mind. Yet some people enjoy it. I don't enjoy it. I don't understand why they do. You don't either. But they do (some how). We should let them enjoy something that isn't right or wrong - just bad taste :). Good music doesn't always breed good character. But neither does bad music always mean bad character. It can most times correlate, but doesn't always cause it or result from it.


Justin Bieber is a contamination to society and so are his fans. Not only does his music make ears bleed, but he faggy looking pedophile punk who tries to attract young girls and pervert their minds. So should he and his fans die it would lift a plague off of society.

No, it has more to do with

No, it has more to do with the fact that he doesn't deserve what he has. He has an okay voice, but he doesn't at all deserve to be essentially the epicentre of 12 year old girls hearts. And honestly, I've yet to meet any female over the age of 14 who'd ever consider dating him, so jealousy doesn't come into question really.

Lol wimps

If you guys hate Justin so much, then why don't you go over to him and beat the hell out of him? See what the News has to say about it? Not only will the fans hate you, but everyone else will despise you and you will go to jail for this! P.S. This is a hater! I may not like him but that's all. I don't obsess over it like you think you control everything. >=)

Although a really good idea..

Although a really good idea... I'd rather not go to jail and spend time away from my kids. On the other hand, when my daughter is old enough to like someone like him, I'll be sure to teach her why its not ok to like them just because everyone else thinks they do. A person should earn fandom and money for their talent and their perseverance. They should actually have talent to start with. If they don't, they should take the time to practice and learn, not cheat their way through it with mechanics. I don't envy the guy at all because two things will eventually happen- his balls will drop and even voice enhancing software won't repair the damage and all his prepubescent fans will grow up and realize he's a fake. All that being said, I don't think the game company should actually sue him. However, from the discription told, I don't think he can or should sue them either. It sounds to me like it could be a game based on any idol's life. As for the identical looking characters... perhaps he shouldn't look so much like a beaver?

I see in the future of JB, he

I see in the future of JB, he will be knocked out somewhere in the world, bleeding and in a coma but then he will have my permission to die (sorry if its dark but I watched The Dark Knight rises and talk about dark and I do hate this guy's guts)


You rerally think they're going to win their case against JB? how you gonna press charges after Bieber warned you to stop IDIOTS he is by law allowed to sue

Right, right. Your comment

Right, right. Your comment has all the makings of a Bieber fan: Can't use grammar/punctuation, don't understand the law, dumb as a brick. FYI: I can sue anyone too, that doesn't mean sh*t. Oh no! Justin Bieber warned us! What's he going to do, slap us with his 2cm penis?? Here's another fact that will literally blow your small brain --- are you ready for it --- no, really, this much knowledge might kill you--- ok, well here it is: anyone can counter sue in court cases!

Yes they most likely WILL win

Yes they most likely WILL win because the courts have a very long history of ruling parodies as non-infringing and perfectly allowable under the 1st Amendment. Honestly Bieber's lawyers don't seem to have thought this one through; or they just figured they had the famous clout to scare off the little guy.


Justina just probably got his panties in a bunch before he thought of using that incredibly small brain of his - it really is incredible how small it is! Really!! He should be put into the Guinness World Book of Records -- not for his singing.. but... you know... for how small his brain is.

wait this article article counts as news

why the hell is he so popular he can't sing and can't write good songs i guess he's supposed to connect to young teenagers but all he connects to are just just a bunch of idiotic fans who actually have the audacity to compare him to actual singers with good talent like queen or aerosmith and can't see that he has no talent.....oh well he'll hit puberty soon his voice will drop, his fame shall dry up, people will forget about him and then the world will be in balance again.....until some new pop singer will come along argh

to much time

i think the girl is running out of money. She is going to sue a game for crack money. I was also woundering why this girl has a boys name? Justin,... thats a werid girls name. Thats like naming my son Kelly, or Ashely. I think in the future this pretty little girl will end up in jail, tossin some ass salad.

What the hell?

Okay. People are all saying "Death to Justin" and "Kill Beiber" and shit like that. I don't like Justin Beiber because of his music. It does not sound good to me in the slightest. But what the hell? 90% of the reason you guys hate Beiber is because he can easily take teenage girl's attention away from you and you think it's got to be mandatory to instantly hate him because his target audience is teenage girls. The fuck? And I know before anyone says it, some one's gonna say something like "I'm a girl and I hate Justin." 80% of the reason you hate Justin is because you want to be different then the rest of the teenage girls because it seems to draw attention to you. I'm not saying all girls are like this, but a good amount I have met (and I have met alot of people) are like this. But god damn, leave him alone. The attention you give him feeds his popularity. You're throwing wood into the fire! It's not going to stop it. It will only make it grow!! Kill his popularity with neglect if you really don't want to hear about him anymore.


What you said about us being jealous of him is seriously overestimating how desperate we are. Personally, I don't care if he can get any girl's attention. It's my understanding that any celebrity can do that. That doesn't mean I'm going to hate on someone like Leonardo D'Caprio because the used to get alot of girls. I'm going to hate on him because his acting wasn't that good. Of course, the only movie I really saw him in was Titanic, and that didn't leave a very good impression on me.

Actually.... I refer you to

Actually.... I refer you to my statement above: "Justin Bieber is a contamination to society and so are his fans. Not only does his music make ears bleed, but he faggy looking pedophile punk who tries to attract young girls and pervert their minds. So, should he and his fans die, it would lift a plague off of society." (slightly edited for better grammar)

Dude... really...

If you believe all teenage boys are just jealous because of that pre-pubescent fag you're gravely mistaken. I have no need of a harem, which he, clearly feels it is the only way to feel manly. He time and time again has made bad desicions (like having the GAL to insult royalty, whether I agree or not is irrelevant, that is not his place to judge) He manipulates the public by saying stupid garbage. And while you may be semi-right about the teenage girls being suseptable to the 'Next big thing' you percents are off. I know many girls who DO NOT like him because they feel he is pushing himself on us. I agree with your theory of neglect though, it is quite the effective method of killing an annoying brat who wants attention. But please do not insult the teens alone, I have also seen plenty of perverted older women chasing him.


Thanks for having at least SOME sense in this mindless hatelist and even though I hate Justin Bieber its not because he attracts so many girls its because I can't stand his singing


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