Levine: Occupy Wall Street And Tea Party Are Mirroring Bioshock: Infinite’s Revolution

A year before Occupy Wall Street, Irrational Games' creative director Ken Levine envisioned it taking place in the sky island of BioShok: Infinite.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Levine drew parallels between the fighting political parties of Bioshock: Infinite and tea part and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

"In this world, we came up with the idea of looking at what was happening at the time of the game [the 1890s], with the jingoism movement and the nationalist movement versus internationalist movement," he said. "This was before the tea party, before Occupy Wall Street. Actually, when people saw that demo, they thought we were aping the tea party; they thought it was a hit piece on the Tea Party. But these movements tend to happen. There have been nationalist and nativist movements many times through history."

"As we developed these opposing groups," he continued, "the Founders versus the Vox Populi, it was interesting to see this play out in real time, so that the fictional movements we're creating that are set in this heightened past are almost being duplicated in reality."

If the events in real life continue to mirror Bioshock: Infinity for a few more months, we need to start building evacuation skyhooks yesterday.

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Yes... too many heads to keep in the middle class.

1.current plan, ignore it until something HAS to give

2.Limit childbirth

dont you just love these posts that have little to do with the article? hmmmmm

I would like anyone to

I would like anyone to explain what the OWS people even want. Whenever they're asked they don't seem to know. Well, except for a few who seemed to be communist, which is about the stupidest thing a person can be. As far as I'm concerned the way to fix the government is a) a "career-politician" should not be allowed to exist, if you spent your whole life, or most of it, in the government than you don't understand what it's like to work a 12-hour day at a manufacturing job, so you don't appreciate money the same way, b) The government needs to ease restrictions on just about everybody, businesses, banks, wall street(note, I said ease restrictions not get rid of them), etc. And c)realize that their only job is to protect peoples rights, and not to take care of everybody. A lot of why taxes are so high is because they started a lot of bull-crap programs to take care of a lot of different groups who don't really need it. That, and the fact that money is constantly wasted, and people don't do their job, and the government has no concept of responsibility so nothing is ever done about it and no one is ever punished. Also, I would like to point out that all politicians act like children, retarded children.


The Tea Party isnt destructive and violent like the Occupy Wallstreet.. not to mention Occupy wall street only has a few thousand followers as the Tea Party is in the Millions.

To say the two are any way the same is harmfull.

the tea party is stupid

the tea party is stupid (terrific band tho), all acting like little kids. In fact.. politics in general is stupid, what a waste of brain matter.

Why the hell do i have to type the captcha if it a mile long, give me a break!

OWS - Tea Party

Why do people seem to think that OWS and the Tea Party are opposites, they're fighting for exactly the same thing, just from different sides. See this is why political scientists and philosophers don't use the linear left/right spectrum any more, it just confuses stupid people.


They are not opposites in many senses, but they are definitely not fighting for the same cause.

The tea party is a pro-business top-down creation.

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