LucasFilm Registers Star Wars Attack Squadron Domains


LucasFilm, the once upon a time George Lucas company now owned by Disney, has just registered a tonne of domain names all focused around one phrase: Star Wars: Attack Squadron.

It's not clear from these registrations what sort of project it might be, whether a film or a game or TV series, but as Fusible points out, earlier this year, EA Games did sign an agreement for several years of cooperation between the two companies, suggesting that this new venture could be in partnership with the publishing giant.

This seems likely, as EA registered two similar domains of its own: and

But that's just a taster of the full amount of registered domains: )

On top of these registrations, there's also several under the .biz and domains, so this is a pretty thorough registering. No websites exist on any of the pages yet, but since these were all only bought up on the 26th of July that's not too surprising.

What kind of game would you guys expect with a domain like that?

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Years of development time ago in a managers office far away from anything resembeling a brain... EA decides: Hey! Lets destroy any hope Starwars fans have!

In a galaxy far far away.

Star wars was happened along time ago in a galaxy far far away. It is not up to us to decide. Because of the great distance to this galaxy where these events are happening disney and george lucas are just now learning of the new history books that are being broadcast over the interstellar communications network. Hell, if we killed star wars it could take millions or billions of years for the galaxy of which these events are taking place to realize that it is dead. But really, who doesn't want to see Mickey Mouse bang a Twi'lek?

first words of the article

first words of the article "LucasFilm, the once upon a time George Lucas company now owned by Disney" someone needs to learn to read, and learn how companies work. pixar is owned by disney too, doesn't mean they're not still called pixar... Disney owns LucasFilm, which now words as a company under their direction. they were bought out, not dissolved

Mickey mouse of blue squadron

Mickey mouse of blue squadron, and goofy in red squadron, king of the hill on cinderellas castle. Adat's at the main gate, and Ewoks scaling space mountain! Oh to hell with it, thousands of Tribbles everywhere you can't even see the ground! ("stupid Michael that's Star Trek") Who gives a ****, it's Disney they'll do what they want.

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