Mass Effect 3 Producer: We Value Players’ Feedback But We Don’t Follow It

Mass Effect 3 executive producer, Casey Hudson, admitted that while BioWare values players and critics' feedback, they don't really follow it when designing their games.

Problem is, fans don't really welcome new game mechanics and features but they also don't like repetition and lack of innovation.

"Anytime you introduce something new it's controversial. Because fans will say, 'Well, we never asked for that', you know, 'We want you to keep doing exactly the other things that we've liked before,'" Hudson explained. However, if you didn't do that, those very same fans accuse you of "doing the same thing all the time."

Hudson then gave an example from Mass Effect development. "A great example was the new characters that we added for Mass Effect 2," he said. "When we started publicly introducing these new characters that would join your team in that game, it was tremendously controversial because people didn't want these new characters that they didn't know; they wanted us to recreate the experience of Mass Effect 1 with those characters."

"Now we're having a similar challenge with Mass Effect 3, where characters that we're introducing are seen as controversial because people only want their Mass Effect 2 characters, characters which, previously, were kind of met with resentment because we were adding them in the first place."

Another example is the elevators. Elevators were introduced to the original Mass Effect in order to cover load times. "One of the top complaints for Mass Effect 1 is people didn't like how slow the elevators were, and they wanted to get rid of the elevators. But with Mass Effect 2 -- because we had load screens -- they wanted us to bring back the elevators," says Hudson.

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You can't please everyone.

Some people want different things than other people, and in the case of women, they want something different from one time to another. Make a great game and all the whiners will play it if it's their kind of game. I wouldn't take into account what fans said either unless all I cared about was money. Like a politician, I'd cater to whoever the majority was. If I loved what I was doing & wanted to do the best I thought I could do, then I'd do it my way. If that's what BioWare is doing, then love it or hate it, but always respect it. I've never thought of Mass Effect as a good game by any means, but BioWare sure knows how to tell an interactive story, and they know how to keep me coming back.

Couldnt care less since they

Couldnt care less since they sold themselves to EA? They havent made a game wotrh playing since DAO or ME1(ME2 wasn't too bad but it was made for different audiences with shorter attentionspan) whitchever came last.

Fans are just confusing imo

They demand this, they demand that, they don't want this, they don't want that, then in the end, they bitch and moan about what's been changed and what's not been changed. I've never considered myself a fan of anything because of the way the mentality the fans(or fanboys) have in this day and age. In other words, fans are just never easy to please. I'm pretty sure not all fans are like that, though, but it feels like there's a majority that are like that.

i would rather

i would have you, your mom, and a dog in a super punch out style mini game as the loading screen :) although i wouldn't get to play it long because i have a pci-e ssd

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