Microsoft Studios VP: Xbox–PC Cross Platform Play Makes A Lot Of Sense

Speaking to AusGamers, Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer expressed his belief that "the future of gaming" has a "connected ecosystem" at its heart and that cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC "makes a lot of sense."

"I'm not allowed to leak things," he said, perhaps suggestively. "But I think what you're talking about makes a lot of sense."

Spencer pointed out that Microsoft learned a lot about cross-platform play from Shadowrun. Shadowrun was released on Xbox 360 and PC in 2007 to mediocre scores and lackluster sales. Nonetheless, it provided invaluable hands-on experience to Microsoft's designers regarding cross-platform play.

The VP also pointed to the Halo 4 reward points players can earn by playing Halo: Spartan Assault as an example of gaming's connected ecosystem.

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**** off.

**** off Micro$oft. You afraid of the big bad Gabe? Good. You should be. You suck. The supported Xplat play did it not? You know that PC gaming will always trump all. That's why you idiots keep trying to make your $hitboxes more like PCs without being what PCs are, or what they're capable of. Eventually the senselessness of a single or limited purpose bargain box will rear it's ugly head to even the dumbest of gamers/consumers out there & the market will start to lean heavily in the right direction.

Cross - platform?

Cross platform gaming with xbox and windows? Who's gonna believe MS after their attempts at integrating the two platforms, when they would clearly rather back the bigger money maker (Xbox)? Who can blame them? Who wouldn't chase the money? But, why do they even care about pc gaming at this point anyway? Could it be because Valve has an actual chance of doing for PC gaming what MS could've done back in 2001 but they chose to create xbox instead? Of course, Phil Spencer is just saying that "it makes sense", but it doesn't mean that there's any plans for anything.

They're simply trying to

They're simply trying to befriend with pc gaming to improve their image. The future of pc gaming is in VALVe's hands with openGL, not MS with directx and their over-controlling windows8. Now Imagine how less freedom developers will have on Windows 9 in about 2 years? There are two trains to ride on, and I'll be off this one as far as gaming is considered. Why would they like pc gaming if they have consoles to sell in the first place?

wow its taken microshaft 12

wow its taken microshaft 12 years to realize this?? TBH i don't want any whingeing, pubescent, spoon fed, mouth-breating,knuckle dragging, ****-talking 8-15 yr old console kids on any online game that i maybe playing on my pc now...its too late for a decent integration of the two..


I've been waiting a very long time for a cross platform / pc Age of empries, command and conquer or MMO.. but not a shooter like Battlefield 4 or Call of duty, Pc players would destroy platform players in that, due to the quicker mouse movement... I mean if they gave consoles a mouse and some sort of 1 hand pad, I would be all for it.


Just some BS from microsoft to try and destroy gaming on pc,same that valve/steam is trying, And to get you on some crap console that dont work,needs constant connection,and play it trough a cloud so you dont have any files,and no game,but you did pay big bucks for it! PC made gaming big,but now with the new generation of dummass kids,it needed to be dumb down,so they can play 2, hence the console. Besides,it all is about money now a days,so no great,amazing games anymore,just same crap over and over to get a buck out of it! We are doomed!

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