Nintendo Tells Wii Owners That Wii U Is A Console, Not A Peripheral

Nintendo has sent out a mass message to Wii owners informing them that Wii U is available in stores and that it is "an all-new home console from Nintendo," and not a mere upgrade or peripheral for the current Wii system.

Last month Nintendo announced that it has accrued $366 million loss in 2012. One of the main reasons behind that loss was Wii U’s lackluster sales. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata admitted that this is the result of the company’s failure in communicating Wii U’s value to consumers and specially Wii owners.

"Some have the misunderstanding that Wii U is just Wii with a pad for games, and others even consider Wii U GamePad as a peripheral device connectable to Wii. We feel deeply responsible for not having tried hard enough to have consumers understand the product," he explained.

Iwata also admitted that the lack of interesting games has hindered Wii U’s sales momentum.

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It's the same thing.

The lil' Wii Wii is the same as the other Wii Wii & it's time for all the ****** consoles & their makers to take their rightful places in Hell with all the other worthless garbage that the world has ever produced. Know? No?

stupid nintendo

if they didn't call their stupid systems such kiddy names like the wii and the wii u, and the next one possibly the pii pii wii wii, maybe people would understand its a next gen system. Also it would help if the new one didn't look 99% similar to the old one.

Wii u

If wii u wants my money they have to come with a console close enough power full to 7970 or gtx 680 graphic to run games. I have tried the the wii u games and it looks like a low pc setting graphic with AA off Common guys you can do better than that consumers are no stupid back in a days we had no experience of entertainment but now we do we want all the candy looking stuff as possible

Off topic

In my opinion its "casual" gamers that are ruining the game industry. Developers can sell a lot more of their game when it is marketed to please the casual gamer because there are so many of them, resulting in simpler, dumbed down games.... not to mention the mmo "pay to play" games that casual gamers love so much.

Nobody thinks that

I have no idea what Nintendo is talking about. Nobody believes the Wii U is anything but a console. The reason it is not selling well is because it is NOT a NEXT GENERATION CONSOLE. It is just finally able to run the games that the current gen consoles can.

Nintendo is desperate for

Nintendo is desperate for attention, the Wii U has nothing to offer gamers. The hand held pad is a dumb idea. A lot of people already own some kind of pad, and even a cheap $100 tab is slim compared to the Wii U contraption. It is a controller that relies too much on games designed for it, and most developers will want to make games for as many platforms as they can. Having your own screen when playing a game is nothing new, you can play games on your laptop, PC, tablet etc. The Wii U is just an expensive gadget that has no other purpose then to play Nintendo Wii U games.

While I don't like the Wii U

While I don't like the Wii U and think the gamepad is a dumb idea I have to laugh at your comment. Let me quote it "The Wii U is just an expensive gadget that has no other purpose then to play Nintendo Wii U games" you just described every single console in history, you also did it in a demeaning manner even though you're talking about the console with the greatest backwards compatibility ever made (which invalidades your comment about only wii u games).

This week you guys bash

This week you guys bash Nintendo. Next week Sony and the week after Microsoft. Then the fan boys (who don't have shares or work for the companies) will start off. So predictable and boring.

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