Nintendo VP Welcomes The “Undeniable” Growth Of Tablet Gaming

During his talk at the BMO 2012 Digital Media Conference, Nintendo executive vice president of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt admitted that there is an “undeniable the growth of tablets and their ability to play games.”

Tablet and mobile gaming is seen by most as the primary threat to Nintendo’s success in the handheld market, but Moffitt doesn’t agree. In fact, the Nintendo vice president believes that tablets and smartphones are “allies” to the company as they give users easy access to Nintendo websites and services.

"At the same time when we look at our data," he said. "The DS didn't have competition from tablets and smartphones, and yet we are outpacing the rate of sale for the DS. These are seemingly conflicting data points. Obviously we see a rise in new competitive products, but we are seeing better results in a tougher environment."

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Always a "lie" in believe right? Those that partake in such activity are always morons. The more versatile the device, the more popular it will be. The more a tablet starts to turn into a laptop with a detachable touchscreen, the more this guy turns into an idiot.

Versatility isn't everything

Versatility isn't everything and I say that being a person who values it above all else. Since the general population is involved (as opposed to just tech inclined people), looks and ease of use tend to be the top factors that determine success.

Give it a year or two. With

Give it a year or two. With intel working hard on mobile CPU's we'll have some pretty decent x86 tablets in the near future, x86 tablets can run normal PC OS'es and software (such as games, dun dun duuuuunnn). That's when tablets move from being app store toys to being real computers. Then they'll take mobile gaming to new heights.

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