Nintendo Won’t Have A Press Conference In E3 2013

During the company’s financial results briefing, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that they won’t have their traditional E3 conference this year. Instead, the company will host two software-focused closed events for press and distributers.

"We have decided not to host a large-scale presentation targeted at everyone in the international audience where we announce new information as we did in the past," he said. "Instead, at the E3 show this year, we are planning to host a few smaller events that are specifically focused on our software lineup for the U.S. market. There will be one closed event for American distributors, and we will hold another closed hands-on experience event, for mainly the Western gaming media."

"During the E3 period, we will utilize our direct communication tools, such as Nintendo Direct, to deliver information to our Japanese audience, including those who are at this financial briefing, mainly focusing on the software that we are going to launch in Japan, and we will take the same approach outside Japan for the overseas fans as well."

Iwata argued that the new approach would help them tailor each event to its intended audience. "As video game fans are looking for information about games, it seems that they are less interested in sales figures that investors and analysts on the other hand attach much greater importance to, and distribution partners are looking for information on how we are going to market our products in the immediate future," he explained.

"Given that we now have an established method such as Nintendo Direct, we feel that we will be able to deliver our messages more appropriately and effectively by doing so individually based on the various needs of different groups of people."

Iwata’s justification seems plausible, but we are sure that he would’ve had an extra-large E3 conference if Nintendo had any major news up its sleeve.

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Humanity has circumambulated once more

As any person shall come to know, whether they are fans of football (Soccer) or not, that when someone is a fan (Fanatic of a object or person) they resort to (in some cases) gruesome behaviour at one another when they feel their object or person being ridiculed in any way, thus for the call of fanboism (provocative, bias and prejudiciallity). The fact that these games' companies are but a business and the fact that you all hold no stake or shareholdings in the business but not excluding the fact that many of you do not even work for the company nor do that of your families, which demands the explanation; why do you take it to heart? You argue as if your parents, or that of your kin and kinth are in danger, how absurd and most resent-able. We are gamers, then let us behave like such, gamers are smart, educated and skilful with their hands, do not soil the Honour Of Gamers through purging it in the darkness of ignorance and stupidity with an essence of hooliganism. A fellow in the forums who's name has slithered away from my memory for obvious reasons proposed EA to purchase Nintendo, how outrageous, despicable, frantic and insanely ludicrous; how can EA purchase Nintendo when they themselves are laying off workers? To be quite sure, Nintendo has braved tougher times and situations before, which in comparison, makes this situation much like taking bones from a cadaver; comprehend that, want-to-be employees of Sony and Microsoft.

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Homosexuality? How Pathetic of an insult, does your reply indicate your level of education? I suppose you and the rest of the "Internet Sofa Warriors Association" talk in such a blunt and foul tongued way. Internet language insists everybody talk like 5 year olds. My action plan for yours truly: 1.Grow up, act your age (if you have Down's syndrome, then overlook this) 2. If your mother is near, inform her that you have insulted a noble man and feel like committing suicide. 3. If you have erectile dysfunction visit your local sexual health clinic and do not insult others. 4. consider where you have contracted that illness from, was it the family pet? (perhaps under the influence of Alcohol?) and lastly but never least Micheal Jackson Died a while back, if you have Nocturnal Emission also known as (for the uneducated) wet dreams over Micheal then you must have therapy for that, I believe in the US they have all sorts of treatments. Also use the dictionary more, it will increase your vocabulary from saying " LOL LOL LOL BRB BRB BRB DUDE LAME LAMO TROLL TROLL" and all sorts of uneducated nonsense to something more eloquent and literate. I heard Micheal was sexually interested in little white boys, you will do well to be careful; A paedophile Ghost? How unsettling! Ha Ha, how entertaining

the problem with nintendo is

the problem with nintendo is that they dont wanna let go of old ways of doing things the fact that apparently nintendos support for 3rd party developers is shocking hence y a lot of games dont even see the light of day on a nintendo console plus the fact that yes the WiiU is more powerful than the PS3 and 360 but the PS4 and 720 will whoop nintendos *** with power and the fact that x86 platform is easier to program for and add that you can do more than play just games on a MS and sony console and nintendo's implementation of Network (Online) feature is horrible

lol nintendo wont survive my ***

nintendo will survive this gen and be profitable. Next gen if consoles are still popular by then, all nintendo would have to do is release a console with high end specs similar to the xbox and playstation and everyone will jump on nintendos nuts again. But consoles are going down in popularity. Nintendo should develop a service for the pc, unlimited power plus a market with unimaginable size. Consoles are dying, lets face it, nintendo needs to adapt to the changing market, they need to be ahead of the game. PC is the future, i doubt xbox and playstation will be around next gen.

Wonder if a time will come

Wonder if a time will come where they team up with some other company or bought. Working with people like Sony or xbox, Mario would no longer be on nintendo lol. Super Smash is better than Sony's version. Pokemon would probably be better, playing online like DC universe and picking fights with other people. They remake a lot of there older games and newer version but they also leave out any good ones that their fans want.


The biggest thing that kills Nintendo every year is the lack of big developers wanting to play ball with their systems. While they may be the most innovative of the other three it does not help them at all in terms of profitability. I expect them to cut their losses in half by the end of the 2013 year but as far as the future of their company is concerned they are in trouble and no amount of mario and zelda games are going to save them from the inevitable should they stay the course.

Nintendo has sold millions

Nintendo has sold millions more then other consoles (not counting the handheld) regardless of what clueless people think, most other console owners say nintendo sucks and its not doing well just because they would not buy it or they cant accept the fact that it is.

The only facts are the numbers released by nintendo...

So they have sold millions, but numbers don't lie. Nintendo lost money with the Wii, mostly because the majority of the cash that make a console profitable doesn't come from console sales, it comes from licensing and royalties that devs/publishers pay the console maker to release a game on their platform. So if a console has few AAA titles, it won't make a good profit (add that to the rise of smartphone gaming and you can see why analysts think consoles won't last much longer).

Most innovative? Are you

Most innovative? Are you saying the grey plastic stick, or the resistive touchscreen controller all based on 2002 hardware is innovative? Nintendo is run by suits, they have no idea what the market is, the want to sell me a handheld console, and make me pay £29.99 for a game of which there is even better ones on Android/iOS for like 3USD. PLEASE FAIL NINTENDO YOU ARE CLUELESS IN THE MARKETPLACE.


I like how you direct your comment at nintendo when all game companies make the same mistake. Fanboy much? Captcha: you dont say!


Speaking of cheap built, I wanted to buy a ds but it feels so cheap and diagonals are so hard to make with fingers that I ended up giving up instead and purchase a psp. (Although the Go model has the same pad issues. I prefer the 2x/3x models)

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