No More Medal Of Honor If It Doesn’t Sell 3 Million Units

Electronic Arts has made it clear that the Upcoming Medal Of Honor would be the last title in the series if it didn't reach its sales target of at least 3 million units.

The original Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault was well received by FPS fans and scored a metacritic score of 91%. Consequent titles in the series disappointed fans and scored metacritic scores in the 75% range.

Medal OF Honor is already the subject of controversy due to the fact that it allows players to play as Taliban soldiers in multiplayer.

EA didn't disclose the game's budget but it seems to be huge, judging by the fact that they hired Linkin Park to soundtrack the game and arranged sound recording sessions at US military bases.

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With that kind of attitude they are only sabotaging themselves, with those Economists CEO's instead of passionate men! but the gaming spirit shall never die!

back in the day

it's disappointing EA used to be such a good company, and made fresh games with good attitude. here's as Idea for you EA make a new.. or even a remake of Jungle strike or desert strike. do you remember back in your Amiga days when you actually cared about games and making them.


I am glad to see that MoH die, it should of died long time ago, but they just had to keep on making new titles, and new titles that were worser than the last. Airborne was gawd awful, multiplayer was complete garbage, and now they have this copy of CoD4... GG nubs.

I do find it sad that people are crying like morons that you can play as the taliban... WHO GIVES A SHIT? You can play the SS and kill jews, but you can't play a taliban? GG.

whot a mess!

EA extorts the gamers like you and me! BUY IT OR GET NOTHING IN THE FUTURE.

EA should do the right job and its sold with more than 3MILLION.

even the game is well they have no guarantie.

EA wake up and stop dreaming.

My Estimation

1.5 Million, no way does it sells more than that.
they took a bad idea and made it worse. i'm sorry but i'm tired of shooting up arab terrorists in the desert.. come up with something new!!!


HAHA!!!! This game looks like it'll sell WAY more than 3 million units! Just from the trailers and multiplayer footage, I can't wait to get this!!!!!!

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