Norwegian Teacher Uses Telltale's The Walking Dead To Teach Ethics

Norwegian media is applauding teacher Tobias Staaby for playing Telltale's The Walking Dead with his students at Nordahl Grieg Upper Secondary School in Bergen, Norway.

Staaby teaches Ethics and Religious Studies where The Walking Dead is used to spur discussion about morality and ethical choices.

"The Walking Dead presents some dilemmas [the students] would not have thought of otherwise," the teacher explained to a reporter from Norwegian media outlet NRK. "That makes their answers to a greater extent their own."

This is not the first time for games to be used in class, but The Walking Dead is definitely the grisliest game to be used in that context. In fact, the game is rated M 17+.

You can watch the full NRK story below. Remember to enable subtitles if you don't speak Norwegian.

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One of the most overated game

One of the most overated game (it's not even a game there's no gameplay at all just some linear clicking) and some teacher is using this violent crap to teach is children... morality???? Make them play mass effect at least if you like choices. When Michael is saying it's kewl, you know there is something terribly wrong with it.

If Michael is saying anything

If Michael is saying anything is "kewl" there is likely something wrong with it, but also something wrong with him since he is supposedly a grown ***** in the Navy. Nobody besides your mom should say kewl, it just isn't right.

Thumbs up

Hehe that's kewl, if taken in a serious atmosphere something like TWD can be great for discussion and debate about morality, though fake, there's a lot of hard choices which is great for that class. I'd say use Game of Thrones but, all the sex and an hour long wouldn't work for a classroom hehe. And gj for something refreshing, not a predictable post.

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