Nvidia Releases GeForce GTX 465

Showcased as part of the NVIDIA 3D Revolution press conference held at the start of this year's Computex trade show, the newest entry to the NVIDIA Fermi architecture lineup of consumer GPUs-the GeForce GTX 465 - has officially launched. Available now from the world's leading add-in card partners, system builders and OEMs, with a target price of $279, the GeForce GTX 465 GPU brings a new level of DirectX 11 performance to PC enthusiasts and gamers around the world.

The new GTX 465 features 11 dedicated tessellation engines, resulting in outstanding performance at a new price point for GeForce GTX 400 GPUs. Tessellation allows game developers to take advantage of the GeForce GTX 400 series GPUs' ability to increase the geometric complexity of models and characters to deliver far more realistic and visually compelling gaming environments. Combined with support for NVIDIA 3D Vision technology, the industry's only complete 3D stereoscopic solution for the new category of 3D PCs, the GTX 465 offers gamers an attractive price point to play the latest cutting-edge titles at full HD, 1080p resolutions.

In addition to DirectX11 and NVIDIA 3D Vision, the GeForce GTX 465 GPUs also support enhanced gaming features found only on NVIDIA GPUs:

  • NVIDIA SLI technology, the most popular multi-GPU solution.
  • Support for Blu-ray 3D, with GPU decoding for enhanced 3D movie playback and 3D Internet streaming.
  • NVIDIA PhysX technology.
  • Next-generation CUDA architecture, the foundation for the world's most open GPU computing platform, with complete language and API support, including CUDA C/C++, DirectCompute, OpenCL, Java, Python, and Fortran for the broadest compatibility with GPU-accelerated applications, including Internet Explorer 9, Folding@home, and others.

"With GeForce GTX 465, now even more gamers can experience what DX11 gaming was meant to be," said Drew Henry, general manager of GeForce GPUs at NVIDIA. "By using these new GPUs to build 3D Vision PCs, these same gamers will truly immerse themselves into the future of PC gaming. We are passionate about building GPUs to make the PC the best platform for gamers!"

The GeForce GTX 465 is available starting today with an estimated retail price of $279 from leading add-in-card companies including ASUS, EVGA, Galaxy, MSI, Palit, PNY, Zotac and others.

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2560x2048.. you bunch of

2560x2048.. you bunch of whining maggots, stfu, and go play at 1024x768, fucking idiots;stupid fucks like you like to talk out of their own ass on the internets;buy a system that is capable to run new games at 2560x2048 first(if such exists) then arguefuck you again

People understand 1080p better than "2560x1600", etc

The people that press releases are designed for have no idea what exactly screen resolution means, just that "1080p" is the best you can buy. That aside, 1920x1080 is nothing to sneeze at, and above that resolution (or 1920x1200 which is also common), is where value per dollar starts to drop fastest. Customers already have to justify the high cost of these late-to-the-party cards, Nvidia may be trying to avoid reminding them that they'll need a 26"+ monitor before there will be a significant performance difference.

This isnt walmart

"the latest cutting-edge titles at full HD, 1080p resolutions." Why in hell are they using tv lingo on a pc video product? PC monitors had surpassed what hd tvs can do long before they were even released, and why even mention p? Who uses interlaced displays nowadays. Give us 2560x2048 and beyond...

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