Payday 2 has Turned Profits Although It Didn’t Launch Yet

Payday 2 has already turned profit despite the fact that it hasn’t even launched yet.

"Starbreeze today has once again demonstrated that our strategy to invest in our own brands is correct," said CEO Bo Andersson-Klint.

"We now look forward to royalties that can ensure the company's development of its own IP to come," he added. "For Payday 2 to generate revenue to the company six days before release is, of course, very unusual for games of this size and strengthens the long-term vision of our strategy."

Payday is currently in Beta and it is scheduled for launch through Steam on Tuesday.

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Yep, yep, yep

Quite true, and it's because of idiots like the ones beneath me is the reason why we end up getting the same ol' same ol'. Said idiots would rather that same old familiar feeling like: "I've been here before, but lets see whats new", over, "Wow, this is new a exiting, I have no idea what to expect". And because of said idiots, that is the reason why games today (especially today) are lacking any originality. Grow us idiots...

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