PlayStation 4 Might've Been Sabotaged By Mistreated Foxconn Interns

PlayStation 4 launch didn't go as smooth as Sony hoped for and a lot of Chinese gamers believe that this might be retaliation from Foxconn interns who were mistreated and forced to work on assembling PlayStation 4 units without compensation.

According to ign forum member, qbroid, one Foxconn intern has posted on a famous Chinese forum, stating that since foxconn are not treating us well, we will not treat ps4 console well. The ps4 console we assemble can be turned on at best."

Of course there is no guarantee that this post was actually made by a Foxconn intern but a lot of Chinese gamers tend to believe so since it was posted well before launch.

Sony is currently investigating the unexpectedly high number of PlayStation 4 units suffering from Blue Light of Death (BLOD). We'll keep you posted with updates.

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Change the place

Well, do like M$, they produce the xbox 360 mainly in brazil, right? Well sony should shift their production to mexico, here in brazil people get paid (low salary, but they pay), I believe in mexico people get paid for their jobs too, and stop using low quality chinese parts. Use great quality japan made parts.

Well Foxconn makes alot of

Well Foxconn makes alot of random parts, cables, connectors, boards and more, so Strong chances your machine has atleast one foxconn part. ALL hardware/pc manufacturers at one point have a foxconn part in them, even if its just a cable or a fan. Something you own has a part from them. If not Foxconn then another workcamp. Its okay doesn't mean you approve of it you just dont know any better.

Fuck off.

Who really cares? No one gives a shit. No one forced any of those gooks to work there. They're there because they're retarded & won't stop making babies that they can't afford. So too fucking bad for them. It's their problem that they made, so they can suck it the fuck up. Quit your fucking complaining. You use all the shit just like the rest of us & you love it. I buy $5 shirts at Wal-Mart & I don't give a fuck who made them unless they were forced to do so under duress, & even then, I didn't force them. A $5 shirt is a $5 shirt. I have better things to worry about & if you don't, you're a fucking loser.

Bit extreme

To say it wasn't Foxconn is fine but it will be another company that is uses cheap labour unfortunately we say one thing but do another, that is the world we live. As for people like you, get off your high horse and take your head out or your arse and let people have an option that isn't going to be trashed on because you say it should. You should be the one killing yourself

And what, you're happy with a

And what, you're happy with a world that exploits poor people for cheap labour just because it's 'the world we live'? A world of oppression against class, race and gender? Fuck you you status-quo capitalist pig piece of shit. If caring about the state of the world and having a free future unconstrained by oppressive power structures and faceless plutocrats is being on a 'high horse' then fuck you, I'm not tearing my principals up to be on the level of mindless coasters like you. It's not about options. People aren't options. The future is not an option. It's barely a possibly if people like you continue to exist. How can you sleep at night knowing that you're doing nothing to change the world, that you enjoy things the way they are and are actively participating in a system designed to institutionalise poverty and murder innocents? You make me sick. You and everyone like you.

cheap labor

If you are forced to do something against your will this is called slavery. I've seen a report from France2 about this many months ago about how Apple products are made, this is the same thing with the PS4, students are forced to do this labor overnight if they want to graduate. If we are evolve we shouldn't encourage this kind of business model (slavery). Pay the people who build your consoles and makes you billions in return !!


Rumors at best. And if Sony knew about these "rumors" well before launch, they should have halted production long enough to inspect a few hundred consoles to check on sabotage. In cases like this, in the long run it's cheaper to halt production then to replace / fix a bunch of returns. In any case, sucks for everyone involved, I don't like the idea of dealing with communists anyways, I wish our country would stop all of it.


" I don't like the idea of dealing with communists anyways, I wish our country would stop all of it." Rofl@ your unawareness on the current world situation. Your precious country owes "communists" more money than ever. So much actually that if they decided to collect, your whole economy would collapse! And where do you dumbass think your Xbox's are made? And from what components? There will be FoxConn in your Xbox just like in the previous one idiot. And last, only thing your coutry will stop is what ever your jewish masters say to stop.

Only lil over a 1 trillion

Only lil over a 1 trillion actually, and an option is deciding defaulting on that debt to them and not paying it what so ever, they couldn't do anything about it and nothing would happen to us besides less trust on loaning money, just like a bank, that's how credit works. And I don't like the Chinese or communism anywhere, has nothing to do with a console. 10% of Xbox Ones are being assembled by Foxconn. 90% by Flextronics, mainly Brazil. read what you type before hitting enter, or at least get your facts straight. Edit - Foxconn did 100% of PS4's, no clue why your hatred is pointed at me, I'm entitled to my own opinion so grow up.

"they couldn't do anything

"they couldn't do anything about it and nothing would happen to us besides less trust on loaning mone" - or no more loans, which basically means your economy collapses because it's been running on chinese money for quite some time.

You're so unabashedly

You're so unabashedly patriotic that you refuse to realise how fucked up your motherland is and how they're fucking it up for the rest of us. How touching. It's almost sweet. And sickening. How do you sleep at night?

Big Suprise

Not so big suprise that the number 1 fanboy is commenting. If this was a Microsoft issue, your post would be totally opposite. Bad mouthing bad labour and how you cannot trust enyone. God damn your a sad kid, really.

The few times I've ever had

The few times I've ever had to call Microsoft I was never put on a 5 hour hold, Sony has a huge product rollout, they should have staffed accordingly, and they should have had proper supervision of their product, I would or I'd look for an axe to grind and someone to fire, this isn't Obamacare, someone should be held accountable. Nothing wrong in my original post with what I said, sorry you're pissed because your ps4 broke, don't take it out on me.

whats sad is i constantly

whats sad is i constantly hear that argument "if this was a issue their post would be totally opposite." we will see what my console does, but if they dont handle it well i wont buy any brand new games for quite some time. will get them used.

Whatever noob

Your spelling is the only thing that's sad here. If they don't like working somewhere they should quit. People have only themselves to blame for the political situation. I pity no man.

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