PrioVR sensors look like Oculus Rift's new best pal

While the Oculus Rift has shown us how real the world around us can look, it's feeling that's lost in the experience (along with head tracking and a decent resolution, but that's coming in the consumer version), which is why it's nice to see other companies picking up the slack there. There's the Omni treadmill of course, but PrioVR is taking it in a more holodeck direction, giving you a bunch of controls that let you map almost your entire body into a game that supports it.

Instead of using camera technology like the Kinect (and the kind the Omni somewhat relies on) PrioVR builds off of controllers like the Razer Hydra, adding sensors to different parts of your body and giving you a couple of nunchuck like controllers to hold in each hand.

There's going to be two commercial versions, a half body and a full body. The former adds sensors to your head, elbows and wrists, while the latter adds extra sensors to your shoulders, waist and legs. This allows more information to be tracked in the game, but of course it will require a developer making one that can take that information and translate it to your character.

As you can see in the video below, the full body version lets you move your hands and arms in any direction or orientation you can naturally achieve, such as shooting behind your head, or over barriers without a problem.

The only downside in the video is the lack of a screen if the player turns around, which could obviously be fixed with the implementation of an Oculus Rift in this demo.

Like many future technologies, PriorVR is going to hit Kickstarter (for the second time, having failed before) and you'll be able to pledge your funds as early as Feburary 14th.

Something tells me this is going to be a piece of tech worth keeping an eye on.

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