Pro League of Legends Player IWillDominate Gets Perma-Banned

Ban Hammer

League of Legends pro player for Team Dignitas, IWillDominate, has had all of his accounts permanently banned from the MOBA title and received a one year suspension from playing - making him the first professional to be bit this hard by the ban hammer.

While some have argued that Riot is crushing the dreams of 22 year old Christian Rivera, the developer has made it quite clear it doesn't want players like IWD involved with the game. Looking back at the man's history, he has eight previous tribunal rulings, seven of which issued punishments, some resulting in temporary suspensions. Despite this however, Rivera continued to harass other players - in-fact in the past few months it's been said that he only got worse.

Ultimately this led to IWD becoming part of the top 1 per cent most complained about players in the game. This is hardly the image Riot want to perpetuate for its professional teams, so it's now made it impossible for the caustic player to continue to represent his team and the game itself - for at least a year. Of course by banning all of his accounts and giving such a long time gameplay suspension, Riot is hoping that he won't ever return to the League. To find out for sure, we'll have to wait another 12 months.

There's been no official response from Dignitas or from IWillDominate on the forums or on the team's twitter, though it seems likely that a comment of some sort will be made shortly. Presumably, wanting to appear as professional as Riot hopes the rest of the team is, Dignitas will say that it's a shame the developer went to the lengths it has, but that it respects its decision. It will still continue to work with IWD but will ultimately need to find a replacement jungler.

Something along those lines anyway.

What do you guys think of a move like this? Obviously nobody really liked playing with or against IWD so is it fair to ban him? He is a young guy coming up in the professional gaming scene so he's going to make mistakes just like other sportsman, but does he deserve to be banned for so long?

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usually trolls are hackers but I'd love to own this troll on any game cuz most trolls are semi-elite at best. Smart move by these devs and it will help get the message out to the other potential noob trash talkin crappy players out there.

******* devs

You could ban 90% of CoD players because they are ********, and dicks, and spew all sorts of **** from their mouths online and even professionally, so when I hear crap like this it's just another nail to the coffin of LoL's ****-tastic gameplay. even if its free, its of course all nonsense because you will end up paying for something in their digital shop. In the end I never knew the guy, but I would totally fedex them a package of my **** so they could smell it. - captcha - sonic screw driver

Another kid living under the

Another kid living under the CoD rock it seems. If LoL's in a partially nailed coffin then you could say every single game out there is buried deep already, or you're just being ignorant on purpose. Regardless it seems the sentence "Most played game in the world" has no meaning for you. Also LoL is pretty free, all gameplay altering items (runes) are sold via currency aquired by playing the game ONLY. You have no reason to sink cash into the game unless you want new skins or you don't want to spend the result of days of hard work (j/k, days of fun gaming) to buy a new champion. Regardless, its a pretty unique freemium model which doesn't push you towards spending cash in any way.
You voted 'no'.


So he trash talks, everyone trash talks, especially in the MOBA genre. I'm curious as to whether any of his (soon to be former) teammates nicked him in the Tribunal, cuz if not, then he's just bming noobs, which is a part of the game that simply cannot be erased no matter what. What a ridiculous move by Riot. I mean, they're NOW pointin it out that they had a 'toxic' pro, whom I THINK won some money at tourneys and was on a high ranked team, so how the **** is that good press for them?! That's like saying, "Hey, come play our game, where we have to ban our best players because they're ******* trolls! Enjoy!" ******* retarded. And not only that, but where the **** is the mention of griefers who feed intentionally? People who leave 50%+ games they play if they don't get 3 kills in the first 8-10 mins? What did he say that was so freakin' bad that his case was brought about BEFORE leavers/afkers/griefers? This is why the community for LoL is terrible, because Riot has no goddamn idea what they're doing anymore, much less in what direction they should go in.

You seem to be somewhat

You seem to be somewhat confused, allow me to clear things up for you. "riot has no idea what they're doing" - On the contrary, they've made a pretty solid point with this ban. They're showing just how dedicated to minimizing the amount of overly toxic players they are, no matter how much you think its impossible, they've made real progress since the tribunal was introduced. Proof of that is how lol is still a playable game, instead of being 100% trollfest as it was becoming in the months before the tribunal went live.


Why is this news? Why is this being talked about? He's just another player in a video game, no one special, why is this being discussed seriously. Making something out of nothing...

If he is naturally good

If he is naturally good without hacks or glitching and **** then there is no reason to ban a player because other players suck in comparison. Besides I bet the its just some kids crying about how the other player makes them look bad because they suck. If the hacked and glitched and **** then ****'em


Yes. Ban him for LIFE even. Ban LoL also. **** game. it may have a lot of users, doesnt mean it has quality, just means that many people are too stupid and ***** to play anything else.

Realy? I bet your one of

Realy? I bet your one of those that suck, there is nothing more frustrating then noobs like yourself spoiling games. It is fine if you play normal games, but dont come and play ranked games, because i am trying to show how good i am and since it is a team game, people like you realy mess up the whole point of the game, im a winner not a loser so dont come and spoil my games for me. Rather go play dolls or something dude.

Worst article in the history

Worst article in the history of megagames.... and i'm here since the begining of the website. So sad that nobody here complains about the ban of a 22 years kid from a video game ..A PRO GAMER !! dudes!! a so important person !! *sarcasm mod off You forgot to mention that it may save his life... now he can go back to school/ univ with the money he already won, fill his brain and have a real job which ll make him brighter than he would be by playing LoL... MAYBE?


You seem to be missing the point of megagames as a whole. Game banning pro player, is it fair, should the ban be longer or shorter = gaming related, how that might affect his life, maybe he can go study = not a discussion to be had here. At least go to the forums, article comments are meant for article discussion, and since you've been here since the beggining you can't claim to be a teen without the attention span or patience to post things where they should be posted. On topic, the guy was a rager, the ban was fair and the game doesn't need people like him.

lol LoL

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the typical MOBA-playing loser who loves to bully kids online to bolster his weak self-esteem and damaged ego. He would never dare to behave like that in real life.

While I don't disagree the

While I don't disagree the guy is a loser I have to say you are mostly wrong about his reasons. Most MOBA ragers don't rage because they're enjoying themselves or enjoying the act of raging/harassing their teammates (there are trolls who do though). Anyone who plays such games knows how frustrating it can be when your teammates fail to keep up with you and/or the team over and over. Some people are just easier to anger than others, so they eventually snap and start trash talking, it's all downhill from there. Random people almost always have lower skill levels when compared to people who play with a proper team, and playing with (different) baddies again and again can drive the easily angered into a spree.

No. I'm not trolling. The

No. I'm not trolling. The entire article has run on sentences and comma splices permeating throughout. But I could handle that if proper syntax was followed. "This is hardly the image Riot want(s - add) to perpetuate" "Of course by banning all of his accounts and giving such a long (time - remove) gameplay suspension" It's just a very sloppily written article. I suppose it's my fault for expecting more.


It is already a game for ragers. They were expecting classy sophisticates? It is sad that we are long past the days where games were thought of as games.

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