PS Vita’s Proprietary And Expensive Memory Card Is To Combat Piracy

From the department of excuse-worse-than-crime, Sony Computer Entertainment's Muneki Shimada revealed that the overly expensive proprietary PlayStation Vita memory cards are intended to make piracy harder.

PlayStation Vita memory cards cost 3 to 5 times more than standard SDHC cards, with 4GB cards costing $25, 8GB costing $40, 16GB costing $70, and 32GB costing $120. For comparison, SDHC costs $5 for 4 GB and $40 for 32 GB.

Speaking to Impress Watch, Shimada said that in order to "ensure the security" of PlayStation Vita, the proprietary memory card will not be accessible through PCs as a mass storage device. Instead, users will have to use a special content management program to copy files to and from the PS Vita memory card.

Shimada argued that this approach is actually more convenient for users who wouldn't have to deal with the folder structure on the cards. However, we can argue that having a content management program doesn't contradict with giving access to the cards file structure and giving users more freedom in how they want to manage their content.

As an extra negative, Mac and non-Windows users won't be able to access the PS Vita memory card content until Sony releases the necessary program to their platforms. Shimada promised that a version of the program will be released for Mac OS sometime in the future, but not before launch.

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How about these idiots releasing the Vita in Feb instead of Dec?

Really??? It's like they purposely want the Vita to sell badly in America. I don't know why they want it to sell bad in America, because everyone knows the 3ds is probably selling like crazy now because parents are getting it for their kids for Christmas. Who's smart idea was it to release the handheld in Japan in December when most Japanese don't even celebrate Christmas in December? I don't know about Japanese holidays but I don't even know if Japan has a holiday in December.

From a money perspective Sony aren't too intelligent at making money. Add to the fact that overpriced memory sticks will probably be the death of their handheld. It's not like no one hasn't seen ps3 graphics before or had a handheld device that has touch features. Big deal if you can use touch on the back of the handheld if in most games its going to be pointless to even use that feature.

Waste of money. You want

Waste of money. You want attack piracy, thats one way to anger even me. I got plenty of those SDHC memory's lying around. And the cost for the vita ones 3 times more. You can grab ur vita n shove it up ur ass, just like ur PSP GO. As mentioned though, it will be hacked to the hardcore and by passed like nothing. So not only will they not get my money, but those that do will hack them to death. Sony = Fail.


When will sony learn..someone will make an SD card adapter that this card will slot straight into and then go into a pc and be usable as storage with some third party software.

Its like sony are trying to piss everyone off and make them want to pirate their crap.

playing actual high end

playing actual high end console titles on a portable device, you think it will fail....? the price is right, so people will buy it, price is always the main factor when it comes to these things. i think it will be a hit.

hey nokia user

youtube infinity blade 2. Better yet read a bit about tegra 3 an the transformer prime tablet. I understand someone like you is still used to damagotshi or whatever it was called. Hardware and game quality is awesome, by 2015 more than 50% of people will carry a smartphone. This is a huge ass market that is maturing incredibly rapidly. Anyway whatever floats ur bloat

have you tried playing games

have you tried playing games with a smartphone? the beauty of them is their small... this means they lack um how would you say it.. ROOM FOR CONTROLS ie the control schemse are a bitch and a half not to mention touchscreen sucks for any no casual games... no gamer wants their scree obscured constantly

This crap is just begging to

This crap is just begging to be cracked and pirated. The price being so high would only lessen sales and would only add to the "I-GOT-THIS-FOR-FREE" charm. They should fire whoever thought this up and the ones who approved it to prevent them from doing more damage to the company.


I fully agree. If it was the same comparable price then it might just pass under the radar, but at those prices, it's just calling for someone to hack those and they will.

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