Resident Evil Creator’s “The Evil Within” Utilizes id Tech 5

According to Bethesda’s Japanese website for the game, The Evil Within will be built using id Tech 5 engine.

The Evil Within is designed by Shinji Mikami, the creative mind behind the original Resident Evil. The game revolves around Detective Sebastian and his partner who are summoned to a mass murder crime scene to find a “powerful, mysterious force lying in wait.”

Sebastian, along with the whole police force at the crime scene, is attacked and loses consciousness. When he wakes, he finds that the word around him is inhabited by monsters. To figure out what happened and to find a way out, Sebastian must face his own fears.

The influence of Shinji Mikami’s Resident Evil roots is quite evident in the game’s atmosphere and gameplay in which "players must survive on limited resources, experiencing that supreme match of action and horror, that indescribable terror. To survive in an afflicted world, your anxiety and nerves will be pushed to the edge."

But this time around, traps will play a more prominent role. "You'll have to face indescribable terror, cruel traps, and sly mechanisms. Players can die in a trap all too easily, however, at times they can turn them against enemies"

Finally, Capcom’s Japanese site describes The Evil Within’s world as a world that "distorts and warps according to mysterious and evil horrors".

"The scenery: hallways, walls, doors, rooms, buildings, and even nature, all transforming in real time based on the player's actions. And the threats keep coming from all directions."

The Evil Within is scheduled for release in 2014 for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and next-gen consoles.

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It's all about the graphics and AWESOME explosions, combos and fmv with these guys. But speaking of bethesda, .... wonderful to see a resident evil played in skyrim's engine... I think its engine could work great for many many games. Perhaps licensing it would make bethesda a huge project, now that they're almost done with skyrim (save for minor updates).


Bethesda is the publisher you dimwit. Two different engines, id's engine is not TES engine. The developers of the id engine are inf fact id, why would they scrap their own engine lol.

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