A Single Fan Translated Zelda’s Hilyan Alphabet Fully

Despite being said to be uncrackable, the Hylian alphabet from Zelda: Skyward Sword was translated to English and a font was created so that you can write in it.

The alphabet was deciphered by a single dedicated fan who used no more than a really tiny pattern in the Lanayru section of the game. The Zelda Universe forum member, Sarinilli, explained her thought process as follows:

"If you take the alphabet and break it down into four lines, three of 8 and one with the remaining two as so:


then take a look at those signs in Lanayru with the tiiiinnny text, you can see the pattern actually fits."

Interestingly enough, the game's Hyrule Historia describes Hylian as an "alphabet existing from the reign of the goddess Hylia. It can be seen in various locations such as in Skyloft and the pedestal of the Goddess' Sword where it is enshrined. This ancient text cannot be translated."

You can download the Hylian font from here.

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Im surprised they just didnt make it just a comliation of letters just to look pretty. Nothing can be deciphered. I can type "djaio daidwa ewaid ad asdih waiod a slwoqiued" and say that it means "Tacos taste better with sour cream"... noone can crack it.

My point is, if they were to create a language that cant be translated, why did they even have to make it translatable, or that its not just coincidence?


all in due time, everything... EVERYTHING can be cracked/hacked.. all it takes is time and patience..

to deny this. more or less proves how completely retarded you truly are! and need to shut your trap!


Make it hack proof, and you just made a better hacker. Just saying make it idiot proof, and someone will make a better idiot. Not accusing anyone of being anything just to be clear.

not the same person from

not the same person from previous comments but, go on google and search up flaws/attacks in encryption(rsa/aes/others)... you will find there are theories and some proven methods to speed up the process of decrypt various types of encryption; to say that its impossible cause at the moment it would take bzillion computer/years/other is dumb... who's to say if one of these days some guy discovers a way to bypass the bulk of the encryption and turn a task that would take "ages" into a 5 minute process...

why not

or another dude make computer which adequate power and software to crack that code by simple brutal raw power.

In fact we re talking now about ultimate sword vs. ultimate shield. But question is ... did any such a thing like ultimate sword or shied even can exist???

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