Up To Six AAA Titles Bundled With New AMD Cards

AMD today announced the arrival of its “Never Settle: Reloaded” game bundle, the sequel to last year’s monumental “Never Settle” bundle.

Never Settle: Reloaded gives AMD Radeon HD 7900 and HD 7800 Series graphics cards buyers access to up to four of this year’s most anticipated PC games including BioShock Infinite, Crysis 3, DmC Devil May Cry and Tomb Raider.

The bundled games depend on the AMD Radeon card purchased. Bioshock Infinite is bundled with all cards but Tomb Raider is bundled with Radeon HD 78xx cards only while Crysis 3 is bundled with Radeon HD 79xx cards.

Even more, if you buy two Radeon HD 79xx cards (say, for Crossfire) you get six AAA games: BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider (2013), Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Hitman Absolution and Sleeping Dogs.

It is worth noting that all those games took part in AMD’s “Gaming Evolved” program which means that they were optimized for AMD’s hardware. It remains to be seen whether NVidia will up it “The Way It Is Meant To Be Played” program to counter AMD’s push, or will it focus its marketing efforts on its cards’ performance superiority.

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Yeah OK

@Anonymous (not verified) on February 7, 2013 - 9:45am: But you're still a fanboy, or else you wouldn't have gone on a public ranting spree about it.


I'd rather buy what scores the best for its price range and PIRATE the games. NOUGH SAID!! I've owned both Nvidia and AMD cards and have NEVER had a problem with each brand. The reasons behind buying one brand over the other is purely the advice of Tom's Hardware site's article on BEST for price range. Although my last 3 cards have all been Radeon. AMD seems to excel in low to medium line cards, while Nvidia has the best top of the line cards. I just replaced my radeon 5770 with a 7870. I'm getting 3x the frame rates on ULTRA, than what i got on MEDIUM settings with the 5770. That's **** good for me. Granted my E6600 and ddr800 are bottlenecking the true potential, those get replaced next. You fanboys need to STFU,

nvidia rulezzzzz

I had 23 AMD cards in one year and they all blew up I had my nvidia overclocked at 5ghz since 3 years and I play crysis3 and battlefield 4 max setting no problem on my old pentium 3. <-- typical forum @ss. A reminder: some peoples are paid by big corporations to worship their products anonymously so they can influence many sales to a specific target audience: The Weaks.

Yeah well

You do realize you're all ****, right? Here's what you said: "I had 4 amd cards all burned out one year or earlier after they wore bought, then I went with n-vidia and almost 3 years later I still have it runs smooth always cold". (A bit of grammar goes a long way). Now tell me that don't sound like a Fanboy? you're not fooling anyone, if the AMD cards you brought burnt out so quickly then you either brought from a dodgy retailer or you know nothing about overclocking and cooling. Why would you overclock a top of the line GPU anyway? statistically a top of the line GPU should run everything at 1080p with all high settings. Then you go on to say this: "And amd cards don't support 3D of any kind." Really? I mean ******* really? You know I could go on about how the Nvidia 8600GS IGP I had was a defective GPU and burnt out in about four months, but whats the point.

"AAA" titles? ratings say

"AAA" titles? ratings say otherwise, even nowadays when PCGAMER's review standards aint up to the 90s. All hype and next year nobody even remembers what it. Better to find a game worth replaying that guys still remember fondly after so many years and run it on dosbox. The gaming market's almost dead whether I like it or not.


Do we have a fanboy war going on here. You fanboys are ******* pathetic, really, you're so quick to bash the other without even considering the pros & cons of both brands... And the guy beneath me, what the **** are you talking about? of cause AMD cards support "3D", (IZ3D, HD3D, ring any bells?) yeah it pails in comparison to Nvidia but your statement is completely fabricated. I will also point out that the reliability and cooling between both brands differ - so you're all **** about that too... Fanboys, really...

Talk about desperate to sell.

Talk about desperate to sell. I had 4 amd cards all burned out one year or earlier after they wore bought, then I went with n-vidia and almost 3 years later I still have it runs smooth always cold. The cards I had bought wore top of the line. There are some graphical differences between the two. And amd cards don't support 3D of any kind.
You voted 'no'.

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