Skyrim Team Moves On To A “New Major Project”

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s development team bid farewell to their fans as they move to a new “major” project.

"Skyrim has been a labor of love for us since we started designing it in 2006. We never imagined it would become the phenomenon it has," the team blogged.

"And that is because of you, the fans. It was all of you who made it a success. We can't thank you enough for embracing the game, spreading the word, and making it your own."

But the team doesn’t intend to abandon Skyrim completely. Instead, they promise to provide minor updates to the game whenever needed.

"For the last year and a half we've been working on new content for Skyrim; from the game updates, Creation Kit, Steam Workshop, Kinect support, to DLCs. Parts of our team have also been in pre-production on our next major project, and that game is at the point where it requires the studio's full attention to make it our biggest and best work yet."

"We'll still have minor updates to Skyrim as needed. We've invested so much of ourselves into Skyrim and will never truly say goodbye to it."

"We loved hearing your stories, your in-game triumphs, and your suggestions. One thing stuck out to us through those emails, letters, and postings. And that is - video games matter. They're as important to you as they are to us. It's not just about entertainment, it's about your time. And you chose to spend it with our game."

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Epic Game

Elderscrolls is what you get when you kick out MMO's, drop their stupid PVP, drop the point farms, drop the theatrics of owning the best looking **** everyone's walking around with. Most importantly drop the dull NPC's that act like billboards. After you have done that keep the massive in massive, stick to a single player experience, round up thousands of hours of work, with over millions of lines and voice overs. Throw in dynamic systems that make a quality game stand out, radiant, intelligent, but best of all modder friendly. If I have one complaint about Skyrim particularly it would be bugs, guess its to be expected to some degree.

The good era of real

The good era of real expansion packs is gone, DLC is nothing but a **** excuse to make more money, they chop content in smaller pieces for more money. I think Bethesda did a great job with Skyrim either way and will continue to live on thanks to the community and the massive amount of custom content.

Let's not just design a new,

Let's not just design a new, and potentially better game. . . No. . . Let's just keep paying for DLC's for an existing game. I've really gotten sick of the amount of expansions developers are coming out with now days just to avoid designing new game, and to weasel out more money. They may be the best expansions ever, I'd still just as soon have a new full game every 2 years, than 1 expansion every 1.

You do realize that it takes

You do realize that it takes far more than 2 years to make a proper, full fledged game right? Did you even read the article? The team mentions how work in Skyrim began in 2006 can you do the math? It's so sad when people oppose things out of ignorance, games released once a year or once every two years are just weak rehashes like CoD and sports games.

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