Sony’s Clause Against Class Action Lawsuits Contested In Court

The new PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network terms of service that prevent users from joining class action lawsuits against Sony have been put to the ultimate test: they are being contested through a class action lawsuit.
The lawsuit was filed in Northern California in late November, accusing Sony of unfair business practice as it forces customers to forfeit their rights or their access to PSN. The lawsuit also pointed out that the controversial clause was buried within the Terms of Service which was not made available online. Another point contested in the lawsuit was the fact that the only way Sony provided to opt out of the unfavorable clause was to mail a physical letter within 30 days of agreeing to the ToS.
In related news, the class action lawsuit filed against Sony over the removal of Other OS from the PlayStation 3 was dismissed recently.

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Sony will not be held responsible for it's defective TOS thou shalt not waiver network defunctivity in commercialized courts. That is what it should read.

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