Sony “Not Making Promises” For European PS4 Launch This Year

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida refused to pen down a specific release date for PlayStation 4 in Europe.

We now know that the “Holiday 2013” release date touted during the February 20th unveiling is intended for North America and Japan but not for Europe.

But Yoshida didn’t rule out the possibility of simultaneous global launch.

"Europe is an enormously important market," he said evadingly. "That's no question. So I hope European consumers can play PS4 as soon as it's available somewhere, but I'm not making promises."

"For one thing the system has to be complete and we have to understand the manufacturing pace of it," he added. "Then we have to kind of look at the demand predictions and we have to decide whether we can go global or [staggered release]. So it takes more time for us to know that."

PlayStation 3 launched in Europe 4 months after it was available in North America and Japan.

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Grammatical Mistake?

From article: "PlayStation 4 launched in Europe 4 months after it was available in North America and Japan." As usual the editors of megagames don't proof read their articles. Back on topic I think a global release is fair for everyone.

actually if you read the

actually if you read the article properly it say playstation 3 launched 4 months after it was available in north america and japan. so i would say you need to read the article properly before moaning about megagames editors

It will be released in Europe.

If they didn't release in Europe it would be suicide to the business and an absolute joke of a company strategy. Sony announced a few months ago it had sold 70 Mil PS3's since its launch and mentioned elsewhere that it sold more than 5 Mil of those in the UK alone... if they were to drop Europe losing 10%+ of their revenue from the playstation someone would be fired. fast. Last time round it was delayed because of problems mass producing and supplying the blu-ray drives - they will most likely have sorted this by now with the popularisation of blu-ray. I think even if there is a delay it wont be anything like that of the PS3's - they'll want the Christmas rush this time around. PS4 for Holiday 2013 in Europe as well.

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