Sony CEO: We’ll Show Our Next Console Only After Microsoft Shows Its Own

Sony president, Kaz Hirai, seems to be content on repeating the company’s PlayStation 3 launch mistake by holding off PlayStation 4 (Orbis) release until Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 predecessor (Durango).

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" he explained to British magazine, The Times.

With both Orbis and Durango specs nearly finalized, most enthusiasts expected official announcements to be made during this year’s E3 expo in June. This looks less likely now.

This quest for processing power superiority has lead Sony to release PlayStation 3 a full year after Xbox 360. When Sony’s consoles finally made it to the market in 2006, its main competitor had already enjoyed a market lead of 10 million units sold. Even worse, Nintendo Wii was released around the same time PlayStation 3 was launched but it still managed to overshadow both consoles before the end of 2007, effectively proving that raw processing power is not the decisive factor in this market.

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Magnaviox Odyssey - first

Magnaviox Odyssey - first console, 1972. The Programma 101, 1965. Today, it would be considered a programmable printing calculator with a printer, but it was the first desktop PC. OXO, 1952; the first video game, a tic-tac-toe game.


Sony and Microsoft seem content to see how long they can keep using 10 year old systems. As long as the Wii U continues to squander it's 2nd screen (which lets face it is the only major feature it holds over the PS3 and 360) and console gamers continue to buy and play these aging systems, we may never see a new release. Two things are bound to prompt them to release new systems: 1. the Wii U blows up once developers actually start using that 2nd screen in revolutionary ways (ZombiU has set the bar). or 2. Consoles begin to lose even more players to the PC. No console can keep up with a powerful gaming rig, but as time goes by the gap between consoles and the PC continue to grow, Sony and Microsoft will be forced to release new systems to keep up. Either way, they are going to have to do more to distinguish themselves from PCs if they hope to succeed. That may well mean following Nintendo's lead on motion controls and 2nd screen controllers, or some other "gimmick." But if all they do is up the power and such, they will pale in comparison to a good PC and FAIL.

wont happen

within 2 years nitindo will go outta bussniess the only reason it has stayed alive this long is because of them buying sega and segas idea of the wii and there handhelds again segas idea

Consoles are better than PCs

Consoles are better than PCs when they're released, It takes a year or two for PCs to catch up, the reason being PCs aren't and never will be optimized for gaming so it's fine if consoles just up their power, fun doesn't come from graphics or physics anyway. PCs are general purpose machines and that's what makes them great. Hooking up a PC to a 70 in tv is as easy as plugging your consoles HDMI cable into your pc. Sony and microsoft are NOT holding back on releasing their new consoles due to wii u's lack of innovative games (do you even know how R&D works? Of course not, silly me), new consoles will be released at their set release dates if no critical issues creep up, just because they don't tell you when they'll release it, that doesn't mean they don't have a set date. They do, welcome to the real world chump.

Why all the hate?

This whole thread is actually funny, I don't own a gaming rig, but I have a PC. I have an XBOX and a PS3 and others. None which would exist without our friendly neighborhood Personal Computer! I prefer consoles but would never belittle those who prefer PCs to game. You have to know more to use one effectively, consoles are like convenience stores and PCs are like supermarkets. You PC guys and gals should stop letting these console punks get under your skin. You are already better than them...prove it. LOL

your a freaking idiot. my

your a freaking idiot. my computer I just retired was better in every way than an xbox 360. the computers your talking about are computers in a box that are low end junk, just enough for basic use. you could spend the same amount of money as you spend to get those low end pos boxed up computers and have a computer that is better than a 360 was(I should say could have spent at the time the 360 came out) ps3 is really not so grand as it could be but does have a better processing capability than the 360. after you spend money on controls and other accessories than you spend more than it would take to build a high end gaming machine with a graphics card that is not just midgrade when the console is released...


PC is and always will be superior. However a true gaming rig will be around 800-1000 if you want something high end. Even with controller you'll spend something around 500 for a console if you shop around. The PS3 was expensive at launch but they won't make that mistake again. A PC is better, if you have the money. But constant upgrading is expensive and required. Plus most games these day get developed for console then ported and generally not pushing the pc's. Yes there are games like Crysis (3) and games developed for pc, but most are ports. Even better, if you have the money, IMO, is a console and high-end pc. If you still have money a handheld or second console.


A typical PC gaming rig I would assume is between 800-2000 more like, if you're one to not want to have to upgrade in like forever. I think consoles are more affordable if you want to game, and sadly, not every game will be developed and released for every system. So each system has it's own pros and cons, my understanding is as follows: PC's Pros: Great quality and performance for probably everything, and can be upgraded regularly when needed. PC's Cons: Great expenses to cover everything you want it to be and have. Console's Pros: Has the ability to maintain a set quality and performance level, given the video game developers don't screw around. They are usually at an affordable price. Console's Cons: You have to eventually buy a "newer" one in due time. I don't give either an advantage, as I would use any of them really.


Why do all of you pc heads insist on backing a machine that has at best 10pct of market share. Like I have said for 5 years you put Killzone 2, 3 or UC2 or 3 on a sweet 70 inch LED it will blow away anything your PC jack box has to offer away. Consoles rule and will always rule because it is too much trouble to make it work on a large screen. Steam would be a strong contendor but nithing wothout software will never fully be supported. Cloud gaming will flop and people will leave the hobby if the industry insist on being discless...LISTEN SONY AND MICROSOFT


You've either: A: Never owned or cannot afford a good gaming pc or B: Are completely ignorant and rather than admitting that you don't know what you're talking about, try to build yourself up by preaching standard "I'm a console gamer by choice" nonsense. FACT: Consoles may "APPEAR" more powerful than a computer when they first launch. This is NEVER the case though. You cannot compare an XBOX360 you purchase from WalMart to a computer that you buy from that very store. If you knew anything about computers, you would know that the computer you spend 600 dollars for at Walmart actually costs about 300 to build yourself. FACT: Console gamers always try to compare CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE titles to PC games. That's retarded because there literally ISN'T a comparison to be made. The truth is it's hard to compare games these days, even ones released on both platforms because the odd are it was created for the CONSOLE FIRST then ported to the PC. Console exclusive titles look great, no doubt. However, have a look at this... "Compared to gaming PCs, the PS4 specs are in the neighbourhood of a low-end CPU and a low- to mid-range GPU" said Tamasi. "If the PS4 ships in December, as Sony indicated it will only offer about half the performance of a GTX 680 GPU, which launched in March 2012, more than a year and a half ago." This is from the industry experts out there. Console "fanboys" are only fans because they are ignorant. Ignorance is NOTHING to be ashamed of but please don't preach until you're educated.

Except you're completely, unarguably, inexplicably WRONG.

You know... I never know where to start with simpletons like you. But...I always manage. (Although I always assume that people like you are only trolling. After all... It's actually hard to believe that ANYONE can be as stupid as you appear to be.) - - What you said implies that, according to YOUR reality, you can't connect a PC to a bad-*** HDTV. (At least not without a host of issues.) - - Most graphics cards nowadays are equipped with an HDMI port. This means that the graphics card and the TV are quickly and easily able to negotiate all settings automatically. (Resolution, refresh rate, etc...) The specification gives these devices the ability to automatically configure settings for optimal viewing. A PC with an HDMI port will always set any device with an HDMI input to it's maximum resolution. - - The same applies to any older card with a Digital Visual Interface (DVI) port. The DVI output is the predecessor to the HDMI specification. HDMI has the same video output specifications except that it has a different connector and that DVI does not transport sound packets. The HDMI specification also does not include the transport of an analog VGA signal where a DVI connection transmits either digital video OR analog VGA; the latter of which may require minor configuration as per your typical VGA monitor. (This is not likely however as VGA devices are still plug-and-play and inform the hardware/operating system of it's maximum resolution, refresh, etc.) - - No matter how you connect it - whether by HDMI or DVI (using a DVI-to-HDMI cable or adapter) you will still get optimized video output to your HDTV. (If using DVI, you simply run your audio separately to a receiver by either coax, SPDIF or analog.) - - This means that your entire argument is null. Your words are the product of your extreme ignorance (purposefully trolling or not) and have value that is LESS than zero. While it may be "too much trouble" for YOU... Those of us who actually know how to use PC hardware realize that it takes no real effort at all to connect an HDTV to a PC. - - There is also the 'small' matter of the difference in hardware. I'm not going to go into detail here but... A well-built PC is several magnitudes more powerful than any console system alive today. Current high-end PC gaming rigs are far more powerful than even the next-generation consoles (Xbox 720/Durango, PS4/Orbis, etc.) will be. (Wii U gets no love from us as it's pure junk. The original Wii is a ******* JOKE.) - - I won't go into detail about why/how/etc. Just know that I am nothing short of correct in stating that, in terms of performance AND quality, PC hardware is VASTLY superior to that of a console. (Although I'm hoping that the next generation of console hardware may bridge that gap... Why wouldn't I?) - - Steam "would" not be a strong contender. They ARE a strong contender. (Read the news every now and then...) They're already making a strong push into the living room and onto HDTV's with their "Big Picture" concept. It works well. But, even BEFORE that, we PC folk have been connecting PC's to our HDTV's to play Steam games on them. Big Picture is nothing more than a new, OPTIONAL shiny interface designed to assist in that endeavor and to make Steam controller-friendly. - - Cloud gaming will not "flop". Sure it was a bit disconcerting to many of us at first as we're so accustomed to storing our data locally... But it's already a reality and has been for a few years now. It's EVOLVING and it's becoming an integral part of not only gaming but a great many other markets in data handling. People love cloud-gaming for many reasons: -It's easy to install the game on different machines -Saved games are easily and flawlessly accessed on multiple machines without the need for manually copying files -Games are easily gifted -Games don't need to be installed and may run on appropriate hardware directly from the cloud such as with nVidia's GeForce Grid cloud-computing system. (******* AMAZING TECHNOLOGY.) -Operational costs will be significantly less over time - - The list goes on and on. You couldn't be MORE WRONG. - - And, all the while, other than the occasional, minor glitch here and there... We just DON'T have any real problems gaming on our bad-*** HDTV's using our PC's. I have a dedicated gaming machine in the living for just that reason. It gets FAR more use than my PS3 or Xbox 360. (PS3 is great for Netflix and JRPG's though. Xbox... Meh. It's crap. Wish I'd bought the PS3 first instead. Would have been happier.) - - You're WAY behind the times, jackass. Maybe one day if you can relinquish your ignorance and come out from under that rock you've been hiding might learn something.

Oh yeah idiot.

To quote your comment "it will blow away anything your PC jack box has to offer away". Let me tell you that you're playing on a gay *** closed system and all you can do is load up a game, play a movie, listen to some mp3's and limited internet browsing. You forgot the aspect that a pc is an open system and you can mod games, create your own and do everything else your junk console can't.

Such an Idiot

You probably still living in old 486 days (if you know what that is anyways) but since you're such an arrogant ignorant, there's this cable called hdmi on PC for the past few years and getting it on tv it's just as easy as a console, and it's the pc that will blow your jack box console not the other way. My 5 year old pc ran games at higher quality than a ps3/lunchbox. Go get informed before talking out of your ***.


you are easily the dumbest one in this whole thread and you proved it more than once in a single paragraph. Keep playing your 5 years old dated games with your bare thumbs while we'll be enjoying something you can't even imagine in your little console brain.


And when was the last time you heard of anyone getting fined for running console games on an emulator? We all support developers in buying the games that we think are worth buying and sometimes that happens after playing downloaded copies

PS3 is a tank

While the PS3 games may not necessarily be better or worse, the graphics were better and faster plus Blu-ray capability was extremely enticing to me. I really was excited to see what blu-ray was about and the PS3 was my first player and I was blown away. What scared me away from xbox was "red ring of death" and Microsoft and their greedy schemes. I have the original "fat" version of the PS3 and it has NEVER died on me or had any problems whatsoever. It's survived several moves, even half way across the country, been moved around the house and used ALOT, but it still works like a charm every time I turn it on.

You're silly

Haha you're so ******* biased. You're not clearly a sony fan. I have the original "fat" 360 it's survived for years moving to and from school about 8 times a year for the last 3 years. I'd even say it "works like a charm every time I turn it on" so do most peoples. They just don't make the news.


Sorry but actually the xbox 360 is much better in terms of graphic power, but I do admit the ps3 has its own distinct feel to it. It really depends on the game. For example sports games tend to feel better on PS3 like PES! But I do love SKYRIM on XBOX due to its more lush intricate graphics. Lets face it most games on XBOX are 1080p, but PS3 mostly are 720p. Check the back of the games box in future???

1080p 360 = You're stupid

Upscaling a game to 1080p makes games look worse, the game are made in native 720p & looks best at 720p, if you're dumb *** is upscaling to 1080p on the 360 then my picture quality at 720p not only looks better but will also have way less screen tearing. You know nothing of HD tech.

RE: PS3 is a tank

PS3's aren't all that great, I own the brand new Super Slim PS3, and it is brand new from for £249, when I bought it, and so far it's crashed 6 times, and my 360 has crashed about the same amount of times. To be honest, technology altogether isn't reliable, it's not perfect, it's just there to enjoy, not to cause arguments over, it's just some harmless fun, and people that cause arguments and fights over it, are quite pathetic and immature, so just chill out and have fun, it's simple, don't have a hissy when someone disrespects your favourite console, just ignore them.

oh wow really

talk about stealing idea's. so sony waits for microsoft to release there new console so they can get the specs. well they did that before and look what happend, the ps3 failed because of the crappy spec's, horror filled programming, unhelpfull sony support staff, heavy HEAVY restrictions on what programmers can and cannot do. game developers have all unfiedly said that the ps3 was the WORDT system to make games for. a prime example was the dev's behind gran turismo 5, they said the game WAS ready for launch but sony felt it was "to good" and told them o start again, sony wanted more cars and tracks and said that graphics and sound CAN be compromised. well i ran a side by side comparison of some of the tracks in GT5 and forza 4 and oh look, forza has more detailed cars, tracks AND SOUND and the physics were better, hell the top gear track was better on forza 4 than in gt5. but sony again will fail and microsoft will again get a massive head start, even playstation fan boys turned there back on sony after the fuster cluck they did with the ps3. FYI i have both systems and when possible i have the same games on BOTH systems

Dear lord you are an idiot.

Dear lord you are an idiot. And before you start flying into another rage fit, I have evidence: 1) You actually think the PS3 was a failure. 2) You can't wrangle the English language into anything even resembling a coherent thought. 3) You actually think execs in a business would stop development of a product because it was "too good". 4) You are dumb enough to buy the same games on multiple consoles. Nobody does that. It's a waste of money and time.

you're just retarded

ok for one since when were you part of the production of the ps3? "We don't want to steal your crap." and for two calling people names and 13 year olds implies that you are scared and know xbox is better and have run out of comebacks. also micrososft doesn't need to copy from sony because there al idiots and disipoing fans and cannot even stick to a deadline, they were ganna release the ps4 at christmas but it sucked so much they had to cancell it for a time to fix it,... why would the xbox copy that?


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