Sony CEO: We’ll Show Our Next Console Only After Microsoft Shows Its Own

Sony president, Kaz Hirai, seems to be content on repeating the company’s PlayStation 3 launch mistake by holding off PlayStation 4 (Orbis) release until Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 predecessor (Durango).

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" he explained to British magazine, The Times.

With both Orbis and Durango specs nearly finalized, most enthusiasts expected official announcements to be made during this year’s E3 expo in June. This looks less likely now.

This quest for processing power superiority has lead Sony to release PlayStation 3 a full year after Xbox 360. When Sony’s consoles finally made it to the market in 2006, its main competitor had already enjoyed a market lead of 10 million units sold. Even worse, Nintendo Wii was released around the same time PlayStation 3 was launched but it still managed to overshadow both consoles before the end of 2007, effectively proving that raw processing power is not the decisive factor in this market.

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Processor too powerful...

Lol if you don't know what you are talking about, which is extremely obvious then it's better to be silent. How powerful a processor is has never got anything to do with bc and a processor can never be too powerful. Those are facts. It's the libraries system, the cell processor from the PS3 which are completely different from the PS4 hardware, which will be very close to regular pc hardware. Actually it is common pc hardware, just modified. However when streaming there are no limitation anymore to bc. However i share you're love for the PS4.

Do you really know?

(Paragraphs separated with " ----- ". No spaces in comments and an advertising captcha -- *cha ching* -- is an amazing business decision!) ----- You ought to change your tone a bit. You have accused the former of ignorance but have not proven any vast understanding of this topic; and it has nothing to do with a "libraries system." ----- One major difference is the microprocessor instruction set. The Playstation 3 contains a Cell microprocessor, which is an enhanced PowerPC platform based on Power Architecture, implemented with a RISC strategy. The Playstation 4 contains an AMD x86 microprocessor, which is based on x86 architecture, implemented with a CISC strategy. ----- Another major difference is the operating system. An operating system's job is to provide applications that run on them with access to the underlying resources in the computer. There is no standardized way of doing this, so how an operating system provides these resources vary substantially between each another. ----- When applications are "compiled" from human-readable source code to something that a device can execute, a binary, both of these things are taken into account. The instruction set is important because one needs to know how electrons will flow through a CPU to produce the intended result, and also for optimization purposes. The operating system is important because software needs resources to perform it's task. When comparing a Playstation 3 binary with a Playstation 4 binary, both of these problems will be present. ----- If you have identical or forwards-compatible microprocessor instruction sets, a compatibility layer can be introduced to translate the binary's foreign system calls into native system calls. For example, Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac PC's all use the x86 architecture, however they have different operating systems. A program called WINE exists that provides a compatibility layer to run Windows binaries on Linux, BSD and Mac PC's. The overhead of a compatibility layer is usually very small; it is possible for them to even run better. This, however, is not an option for running Playstation 3 games on a Playstation 4. ----- When a compatibility layer does not exist, you still have software-based hardware emulators. Virtual machines are an example of software that can provide hardware emulation. The overhead of emulation is quite costly, so it is usually not a viable option unless your current hardware is powerful enough to overcome this overhead cost. Usually this means being an iteration or two ahead of what you want to emulate. Whether this is an option for running Playstation 3 games on the Playstation 4 I do not know. It would highly depend on the effective performance of the Playstation 4 hardware coupled with both the ability and quality of the implementation of this software-based hardware emulator.


well if something is truly THAT much more powerful, it shouldn't have trouble running some form of emulated environment to run older software. I remember doing that a few years ago on my PC when i wanted to play some really old PC games from the early 90s.

Sony Fail

You must not realize that sony is already doing this with the PS3 and the PS Vita, I had to re-buy Monster Hunter Unite and transfer my psp save file to continue playing it on my vita, 20 bucks but game gives hundreds of hours of play so its worth it. But I hated having to do that, and the reason why the PS4 wont have backwards compatibility isn't because its "more powerful" its because the cell processor architecture is jacked up that they would have to put one in the new system along with the new processor to make PS3 games work properly, way too costly, thats why they have to stream games using a emulator for the new system. Please do better research, you cant just take a company for face value, especially sony, they hardly care about their own fans, just money. They even shared personal info on its customers registered to the Sony network for profit,(get a bunch of unwanted ad mail lately?) which is why they were hacked by anonymous.

Sony's biggest mistake

IMO is by not making their consoles backwards compatible, or at least offering some peripheral device that makes it possible(IE. Gameboy player for the Gamebox). Having to repurchase games on Cloud doesn't count plus they haven't guaranteed playability for any previous games as yet. They lost at least one sale(mine) because of this.

all this ********

what a load of crap everybody fighting over which of the consoles r better there both great consoles for playing games on, i persanally wouldnt worry about blu ray coz i mean i wouldnt waste my money on what appear to me to be an "enhanced DvD" when i can watch everything i want online on my computer. But i think when it come down do it it just depends on the games u like, if u like halo get an xbox y like infamous get a playstation (and i know there r more games and better games these r just 2 examples) and to the Article well i'd have to say if PS4 has been made don't make the fans wait, i mean the only reason not to release the console is if they were 100% sure that microsoft could make something better given the choice :S P.S. i've seen people say that Sony and Microsoft should join up and i think thats a brilliant idea because that way we'd be able to enjoy ALL GAMES on an all use console


Joining up would be a terrible idea. Nintendo is playing by their own rules and they have the most and by far the strongest IP's in the industry, you can disagree if you want, but look at the numbers, they don't lie. They have existed for 3 generations already relying almost solely on them selves to push through, plus they have the cushion to mess up from time to time with 10 billion in the bank. This is a luxury that MS and Sony don't really have, they are both huge companies, but both have been hemorrhaging money, and they will likely step out of the console race if things continue the way they are going. Now with all that said, MS and Sony merging/combining is a terrible idea because then there is no competition (as said earlier, Nintendo plays their own game) and it becomes a monopoly. This is very bad for the consumer (you, me and everyone on the forum) because if this allows them to get lazy and hike up the prices of everything if they feel like it, and in this gaming economy they would. So the only other option would be to play on PC, this is a great way to play games, but once again it is very expensive to purchase/build your own gaming rig and it's quite expensive to keep it up to date with the latest hardware, you generally have to upgrade about every 2 years or so. Plus not everybody wants or is able to do this with PC's, but PC game prices would likely be affected as well to some point. If one of these 2 big companies bows out, I just hope that another hardware developer steps up to take the place of the one the left, but there might not be any companies willing to take the risk. Panasonic had a terrible time of it, they didn't even last 1 generation, NEC tried but eventually failed (turbo graphic 16), SNK (NEO-GEO) didn't catch on, Atari started it, left it, then joined again, then left again, joined-left, joined-left. Sega, the big one didn't make it even though they made some seriously great systems and in many ways were way ahead of their time. There are of course a couple new potential entries into the field, Ouya (android games on your TV...), Nvidia with Project Shield (actually a hand held thingy that connects to your computer) and the rumored Steam Box (Valve's steam service on a console, will have to have very high end specs to keep some longivity, or stream from a computer). But every generation has had multiple entrants into the console battlefield, most become cannon fodder.

Oozing Brains

This is idiotic, both side sides have their fans and we dont switch back and fowarth. If Sony doesnt get their **** together and start remembering who keeps them afloat ie. the fans, Im just gonna switch to pc and be done with both of them. I mean, instead of doing something really cool and installing a HD projector or what have you, they put in the "always on" crap which I wasnt impressed with when I first heard it suggested a year ago. What a waist of modern technology. Maybe they let me down or maybe Im just starting for get too old for games but this bologna is not next gen its what I would expect a company based in China to do.

1) Learn English before you

1) Learn English before you try typing it. Your spelling and grammar are atrocious. 2) You're very wrong if you don't think there are people who are fans of both consoles. I've seen Sony fans become Microsoft fans, and vice versa. I personally own both, and they get equal play time. 3) If you really would consider switching to pc gaming exclusively just because Sony considered not announcing their console first, then you calling yourself a fan is a tragedy. You apparently don't know the meaning of the word if you would fall off the bandwagon because of something that isn't even a bump in the road. 4) (this one isn't as much a response to you as it is to the article itself) Calling the idea of waiting to announce your console until after your competition shows their specs a mistake is pure lunacy. It's called competitive analysis, and it provides an opportunity for one competitor to see what the other is doing and try to improve their own work to beat it.

"1) Learn English before you

"1) Learn English before you try typing it. Your spelling and grammar are atrocious." So people who dont have English as their main language, but as a 2nd, 3rd or in my case 4th language cannot comment on the Internet because they make spelling mistakes? Maaaan, you are an fckn idiot! I say again, idiot!

old news is old

This is old and inaccurate news. Sony has already stated a Holiday 2013 release time frame. Microsoft hasn't even hinted at a release date. It's safe to say they will launch after PS4. Maybe it's time to update this article?Hmmm?

I will tell ya this right now

I will tell ya this right now that Sony systems suck. Get a life cause millions out there agree even syndicate who's the most famous youtuber for gaming out there. Microsoft makes better systems even says my friend with a ps3 ya dooshe.


Eating ma popcorn as I read this shieet :D I don't see the point in waiting for Microsoft to release it, unless they themselves are worried about the new Microsoft console being better I've nvr had a sony console, I've played the xbox as well as the xbox 360, and I'm a Microsoft fan. I have nothing against Sony, but I still don't understand what's the point in waiting?

think about it

figures theres always going to be war bettween sony and microsoft. well all ive got to say is there both pretty **** awesome but have there ups and downs but i think a better solution for the people fighting would be to join companies or something. maybe im being a bit ignorant but hey!! you never know it could be the best console ever created and that way there wouldent be so much distribution to weather sony (ps3) or microsoft(xbox360) is better,

think about it

figures theres always going to be war bettween sony and microsoft. well all ive got to say is there both pretty **** awesome but have there ups and downs but i think a better solution for the people fighting would be to join companies or something. maybe im being a bit ignorant but hey!! you never know it could be the best console ever created and that way there wouldent be so much distribution to weather sony (ps3) or microsoft(xbox360) is better,

Tire of the pussified people of today

Can the world move on from being offended by everything someone says now... some uses the word ******, and someone else's whole world comes to a halt. Really, you that sensitive? You can't go on because someone said a word you don't like. The way people are today is simply pathetic, get over it, put your big boy pants on and move on.


Did you fail to complete the good ending of inFamous 2? I'm pretty darned sure that will be the canon ending. If not, go replay it boyo. You'll see why there is no Cole McGrath.

grammar nazi

"...release until Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 predecessor." Predecessor means "to come before". How can Microsoft launch a console in the future that comes before the 360? I think you mean "successor" or one that comes after. Not meaning to be a grammar nazi, but it just reminds me of when the Irate Gamer was hammered for the exact same thing.

Why, Playstation, WHY!?

Personally, I have adored Playstation all my life and cannot wait for the PS4, but why does the inventor of the PS4 have to act like ****** and not man up and show us his latest creation? I rest my case. :p

They showed blah blah blah....

Your a smartarse, you need your head caved in. Get your teeth kicked into gums with steel tips. Then have your knuckes & wrists stomped on, shatter your bones into shards. I'd love to give you one of my 'personality adjustment' lessons.

Im disabled

I'm in a wheelchair and I take huge offense at you using the word ******!!! I'll pray for you tonight but im certain youre going to hell for things like that!

get over it.

Being offended by something implies that there is something wrong with it. I'm white, and I'm not going to get offended by someone saying, "hes acting like a white guy." My advice to you would be to dig out your sideways tampon and get the **** over it.

ur in a wheelchair n offended

ur in a wheelchair n offended by ******.. im lactose intolerant, i hate steak, and panzies.. r u a ****** cuz ur in a wheelchair? or r u in a wheelchair bcuz ur retarded? only in this wonderful modern age can someone squirt a tear cuz they got their feelings hurt!! if u was in jackfuckistan u wouldnt be in a wheelchair, u'd be doin the doggy scoot across the ground like a puppy with worms. just stating facts, i really hope i didnt offend u.. *****

Im disabled too.

Really? You take offense to ******? There`s no correlation between mental disabilities and wheelchairs, other than the fact that SOME have mental disabilities ontop of the physical. Stop letting words dictate your self worth.


you should know better than to take offense by something that wasn't meant as an one. he neither called 'you' a ****** in order to offend you nor did he say something derogative about physically or mentally disabled people in general. and btb, others may as well be offended by you believing that your praying may have any influence whatsoever on their life and/or afterlife. but surely it wasn't your intention to offend anyone by saying that - or was it?


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