Sony: Hardcore Gamers Don't Want Motion Control

Kinect is one of Xbox One's key advantages when compared to PlayStation 4. While Sony already have a comparable peripheral, the Eye Camera, the company decided not to bundle it with the console. And their justification is simple: gamers don't really want that type of motion control.

"The vast majority of the audience that we speak to tells us that their primary wish is for the full controller interface," explained Andrew House, CEO of Sony's games business.

Speaking to Australian business site Business Spectator, House noted that "there's not necessarily a huge emphasis being placed on camera interaction" among hardcore gamers who form the majority of the console's early adopters.

PlayStation 4 will debut on November 15th, 2013 in North America and November 29th, 2013 in Europe, with other territories to follow.

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in my view the xbox pad is much more comfortable than the playstation joypad. I own both console's the 360 and the ps3 and i find i my thumbs get sore after about four's of playing where as i dn't get this with my xbox pad even after about eight hours of playing without much other than a toilet break or two.


Wow. You'd think there's a religious war or a political struggle going on here. Not just idiotic fanboys who like one console over another slinging mud and generally being stupid.

Sony pretty much gets it.

Sony pretty much gets it. Keep the motion controls as a separate product, or even sell some ps4's with it bundled for those who want it. But hardcore gamers really don't care about flailing their arms all the time.


I agree with this, The Kinect isn't for all games, that's why I don't understand why MS is trying to make everyone adopt it. Ryse son of rome looked interesting until they kept hammering on the fact that it will use Kinect. And the whole skyrim 'yell-at-your-console' thing just seemed so stupid. Unless Kinect is actually well integrated and makes the game more intuitive instead of having it as a gimmick, just because, it is a worthless piece of annoyance

Sony should add that hardcore

Sony should add that hardcore gamers doesn't play with their bare thumbs as well.. and if they play with a controller that requires some ergonomic and precise control, they won't play with a dual shock. Can't believe they still put the thumbstick there.

Dual Crap

Beat? No. The hardware sells better it's totally different and has no direct correlation with this stupid controller but with games. Now take one dual shock into your hands, stretch your thumbs to reach those sticks and tell me it feels comfortable and precise. I've had countless controllers in my life always felt the DS are the worse for precision because the thumbs have to be in such an awkward position that it doesn't give any accuracy in games compared to the upper left position. Even the N64 in the days had better control thanks to an ugly but efficient 3rd spot in the middle to hold our left hand. They'd be scared to produce an ugly but efficient controller because it would hurt the sales thanks for people who trust on the look so you still have this old, obsolete, awkward piece of crap. I does represent that the mass accept crappy gaming as it is presented and is not able to welcome change easily. Enjoy it.


Its obvious your a microsoft fanboy or your sony hater. Your entitled to your opinion, but the problem is your trying to convince everyone else that your opinion is a fact and that their opinion is wrong. Go ahead and rant all you want, it isnt going to change the opinion of anyone, and whether you like it or not, MOST people prefer the Dualshock over the 360 design, thats a fact and no matter how much you tell everyone that they are wrong it is still is not gonna change.

weird, for the xbox one the

weird, for the xbox one the release date is the same no matter the country which is November 22nd. so ps4 launches a week before the xbox one in the usa and a week after the xbox one has launched in the rest of the world, how ****** up is that

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