Sony President: Destiny Will Be PS4's Biggest System Seller

Destiny will be released on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 simultaneously, but that didn't stop Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Jim Ryan from calling it the most important upcoming system seller for PlayStation 4.

Ryan believes that upcoming blockbusters such as The Last of Us Remastered, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Far Cry 4 will have a powerful cumulative effect on system sales.

"But if I had to pick one, it'd probably be Destiny," he exclaimed. "We're partnered up with Activision on that. The intensity and depth that the two organisations are working at is something I've never seen before. Both really want to make this work in a really serious way."

"The game is obviously multiformat so it will be out on Xbox One and 360, as it will be on PS3," he acknowledged. "But I think, certainly in our eyes, the main prize is the PS4 version of the game. We want to make that absolutely enormous."

Destiny is scheduled for release on September 9th, 2014.

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it is promisng ...

Not for PC ? I'm wondering if it is a question of cheating in multi.... Build initialy for PC , and ifi it is go on ps3 and ps4, it has affinity with ATI and NVIDIA card... Considering for PC, some run the game in 5760X1080 or more and can have a peripherical view and on some game you it can be interpret as cheating, i dont have a good feeling about that i'll cross fire with a console player. It his good when a games help to sold console at the start of there AMD's "short-life time" hardware. Nintendo should learn about that ... Even thinking building that kind of game before throw an unfinished product on the market...

So why will it be the

So why will it be the PlayStation 4 biggest system seller, if it's on three other consoles ? Also how does he plan to make the game enormous on the PS4 when his company is not making it?

Because all the people that

Because all the people that jumped ship from XBOX & XBOX 360 will know how much this means. Bungie - HALO was XBOX exclusive, even before PC. I just got the Alpha Beta of Desting. I used Playstation, then when my PS2 died due to the disc read error I opted for the XBOX. I then spent 6 years playing HALO/HALO 2. XBOX 360 - HALO 3 and so on... Going on to use PS3 - PS4 it always missed that IP. SO now we have Destiny incoming. The amount of people that play COD and Halo that reverted to PS4 over XBONE will know... It will be BIG, I hate Activision as much as the next man but I trust Bungie 100% - This will be a big launch. And I cannot wait.

Are they really serious?

Why would someone spend a small fortune on hardware only to play a game you can also get on last gen consoles. I would sooner go out and buy a 360 for a few hundred less than a ps4 and enjoy the exact same game. Why why why buy new gen or replace old gen when the alternative is far cheaper for the same thing? Don't give me that shit about graphics, it's the same f*ing game, graphics is just a copout for those with no real response. Again I ask, why pay more for the same thing? Sony is taking everyone for fools and sadly I see people falling for their tactics :(

Because, Because, Because.....

There have been big jumps to make people say in the past. Wow, look at this the difference. MS/Genesis/Saturn/Dreamcast - Nes/SNES/N64/Gamecube. I agree with you, but having all the systems accept for XBONE. Having PS4 at the moment is a novelty I guess. But a good novelty, it will only be a matter of time before photo realistic games are released. MGS 5 on the PS4 as an example. The more you concentrate the more of a blur it is. So when you play FPS shooters, in the heat of the moment you can and cannot tell the difference. Fast paced action you are not looking at graphics, it's the game play. But when you die in PS4 BF4 next to a palm tree and it zooms in at the textures. I think back to when my friend first got his xbox HALO and was impressed with the wall textures. I think of this and see how far we have come with consoles, catching up with PC graphics. Even 8 years on the PS3 pulled out the bag, The Last of us. It was a great looking game. I know I would rather see Destiny on the Next Gen anyday over my PS3 version. Which in no doubt will get early due to CFW and Duplex :) Having said that and before anyone bitches. Yes I have paid my dues and pre-ordered Destiny on PS4.

better controller, higher

better controller, higher fidelity image, better frame rate, better sound, or like because they want to? why would you care if someone wants a current-gen version of a game instead of the last-gen version? their decisions literally have nothing to do with you. if you're content with what you have now then that's great and i'm happy for you, but why should that have any bearing on anyone else's decisions?

:) Thought I'd leave you that

:) Thought I'd leave you that little bit of ammo to come back at me with. Would have been a crappy argument if I listed all your excuses and called them a cop out. What you've said means exactly nothing :D it's the same game everyone. THE SAME GAME. I know, maybe we all need bigger tv's and new surround sound systems because that would make the game better also. Yay, this is the best world to live in, thank you for opening my eyes, haha. Ok back in the real world again for a moment. Try to keep up. It's common for people to be annoyed when games are remade for next systems. Why is it the reverse is so acceptable? Maybe halo 2 should have been made for the Xbox or god of war 3 for the ps2. The difference is in this situation there are still far too many consumers on the ps3 and not yet committing to the ps4. Sony is determined to not let a bad word out about the ps4 so they are manipulating any facts they can to make themselves look good. If someone sells more than them in a week, they'd say they sold the most in a month. If someone sells more than them in a year, Sony then combines ALL of thier hardware sales and compares that. It's strategic persuasion. Make it all sound good and everyone will believe it. I know there are some out there who genuinely appreciate the ps4 and the arrival of this game but there are also many many others out there who need REAL convincing not a bunch of crap. Things like a new conventional controller, higher frame rates (which a human eye can only see half of them), resolution (which means nothing unless you glue your eyes to the tv) and you are only kidding yourself if you think sound makes a significant difference. This kid is finished for now, thank f*ck for that

Yeah, that kid got told. We

Yeah, that kid got told. We all have the right to waste our hard earned dollars in whatever unimaginational way we see fit. I fail to see how the kids angry rant was aimed at consumers though. The way I read it sounded as if it was aimed more toward Sony. I must say I've noticed some strong coercive advertising techniques from Sony so I can see where the kid is coming from about them taking people for fools. Some might be blindly coerced into buy everything new without realizing they have so many other cheaper options. Good on you kid for sparing a thought for others instead of your own pocket. I'm sure there are others who would agree with the kids sensible facts, even if only those who know how to spend wisely. Sony has not convinced me. Why even release it for the older gen if they want to move more numbers of the new gen? Too many others not convinced also I think.

Me again (because) I'm bored and maybe trolling?

Sony want to share the love with both formats. Having both systems I would be pissed if I only had PS3 and had to buy a PS4 to play it. Would you not too guys? You keep calling the poster a kid, how do you he's a kid? He may be a teenager or young working guy on little money. Mind you, looking at the last few responses you're probably American, right? So you may know the word patronising? Or as you would pronounce...Patronize Which sounds really wrong. Go on say it. Look it up, it describes how you are treating him. Example for you: Just an example........nothing personal. Stay on subject and let's move on.

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