Sony VP Explains Why They Didn’t Publish Demon’s Soul

Sony of America Senior VP Shuhei Yoshida admitted they have made a big mistake when they refused to publish Demon's Souls in USA.

The game was then published by Atlus and proved to be a hit with PlayStation 3 players. Single handedly, Demon's Souls moved Atlus from a net loss of $1.2 million to net profit of $5 million.

"What happened with Demon's Souls was until very late in the game's development, we were not able to play the game through," Shuhei Yoshida explained. "There were framerate issues and the network was not up and running. We underestimated the quality of the game and to be honest, the media in Japan did the same."

But Yoshida was never able to see Demon's Souls' worth even after playing the final version. "For my personal experience with Demon's Souls, when it was close to final I spent close to two hours playing it and after two hours I was still standing at the beginning at the game," he admitted. "I said, 'This is crap. This is an unbelievably bad game.' So I put it aside."

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I think the article is specifying that SCEA (SONY AMURICA) didn't publish the game themselves. ATLUS's US branch did and got the bank where as sony did not. So yes the game got released in the US but not by SCEA.


...and revise your comment...the person making the initial reply's opening gambit was one that was implying mis-direction on Megagames part the other debunks it


It seems to me, if you are this out of touch with your customer base you should seriously reevaluate your position within the company.

That's not how game

That's not how game development works. Very few games actually let people try it before release to obtain feedback (most games that let you play before release do so in order to beta test it, not to get player feedback although that comes as an extra in those situations).

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