StarCraft 2 Development Didn't Cost USA 100 Million

The Wall Street Journal report claiming that StarCraft 2 development cost upwards of $100 has alarmed Blizzard into sending out a mass email explaining that that figure isn't correct.

"Blizzard Entertainment has never disclosed the development cost of StarCraft II, and for competitive reasons, we will not do so," Blizzard's statement reads before noting that the $100 million number cited by the Wall Street Journal refers to World of Warcraft's development costs.

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Only an idiot would buy a

Only an idiot would buy a blizzard product anyway; they're not the same company they were 10 years ago.

Now it's money money money $$$$$ all the way.

11 million subscribers and they won't give you anything free. Fuck, change your race and it costs you $15 a pop.

Fancy moving server because BLIZZARD!!! can't fix their lag - even though you pay a sub fee????? $15 again please.

Now they're doing in game micro transactions where if you want something good you pay for it.

They don't listen to player feedback

Add to that their deraconic banning for even the slightest criticism of their companies operating ethics (forum or in game) which makes playing WoW similar to living under Nazi german rule.

Add to that how they're milking Starcraft 2 by releasing it in 3 parts - again raping their fans.

Add to that how they butt fucked the Korean Starcraft 2 league and effetively said "Yeah you made our brand popular now pay us or we exclude you from Starcraft 2!"

Add to that how the raped Wacraft PVP.

And finally how they butt fucked their core players and changed WoW drastically since release.

only kids and 40 year old virgins play blizzard games now. Fuck them.

Moron much?

What do you mean you don't get anything for free? Patches and updates with new content are released all the time, which doesnt cost you anything. It costs programmers and artists many hours of work.

If you have a problem with lag, get a better internet connection you hill billy. If a Blizzard server has issues, they repay the players of that server with free days.

Yeah they listen to feedback from consumers, thats where most of the patch content comes from. They don't ban people for free speech, but they do for being abusive.

If you want everything for free then play outside.

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