A Stripper’s Take On Hitman: Absolution Stripper Nuns Trailer

For a lot of us, the Hitman: Absolution that saw agent 47 fighting a squad of lethal strippers was an entertaining piece of art, but it seems that at least one stripper doesn’t agree.

Speaking to Forbes under the pseudonym “Athena,” one stripper described the trailer as no more than “violence porn.”

"I think it’s an excuse to show violence against women by making them the initiators of violence,” she said. “It’s as if the makers of this video game are saying, 'Hey, these women asked for it. It’s okay to kill them and beat them up because they’re the ‘dregs of society.' It’s as if [the game is saying] they are subhuman and deserve to die. But that’s not who they are, it’s what they do for a living; stripping is a job, not an identity.”

”I just think it perpetuates hatred of women, because we all know that women who work as strippers and prostitutes are overwhelmingly victims of violence, not perpetrators of it.”

“Sociologists have found the number one reason women prostitute themselves is because they’re in poverty and don’t have the resources they need. Stripping and prostituting become a way to survive, and to demonize them for that is profoundly misogynistic. It’s bad enough that they need to do this to survive, but to turn them into the enemy…?”

“It just looks like violence porn to me, and I’m concerned about the minds of men who would come up with a game like this.”

The entire interview can be found here.

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**** Off

Keep your ***** hands off my goddamn game WOMAN. If we wanna make games with Guns, Porn, and Gore. Then we will. Dont like it? Go drown in a bucket of Manwich! Enough Said.


Lol... poverty? Take your virtual shopping cart and tell me how much it costs to get a complete latex outfit as shown in the trailer. This is called high-class prostitution and believe me, they are very okay with it once you figure how much they are paid from the upper-class customers. You know what? I'm starting to miss Jack Thompson...

ok the're strippers but they

ok the're strippers but they have guns for crying out load, once they take up arms and are trying to kill you it is a bit different from going to sleazy hotels and going room to room looking for hookers to ...um well you get the point

How dumb can you get

OK firstly there is no way a stripper would wear something that looks that hard to get out of or carry a RPG. Secondly they are assassins not actually strippers, Somebody needs to go back and reassess her life if she feels the need to defend what she does then she obviously isn't very comfortable doing it.

who gives a ****?

this entire hitman trailer **** has gotten way out of control. i find it funny that a bunch of well-known movies and a few video games have starred women in lead roles KILLING men, yet if a few women are killed in a **** video game, all the little ***** come out to complain that it somehow degrades women. it's a VIDEO GAME! not reality. the way i saw it, those five women in the trailer were assassins themselves. i thought it was an awesome trailer. NOT because women died, because ASSASSINS died. women degrade men and portray them as monsters on a daily basis, yet one video game trailer surfaces and now we are sexists and degraders of women. seems like a double standard to me. two-faced. but one last thing about strippers. stripping is never just a job. it will become an identity. if a woman doesn't want to be treated like a piece of ***, then perhaps she should keep her **** and **** hidden from public view and be lady instead. just a thought.

It's not about being a

It's not about being a stripper, or being a woman. It's the fact that they're trying to kill you. What are you going to do, let them or stop them? If the only way to stop them killing you is to kill them, is that still demonizing them, or is it self preservation?

Wait, what?

First of all, like he/she said. IF it was real life, and I would somehow get in such a situation. I'd probably do the same thing. When people want you dead, you can either take it, or fight back. Stripper nuns, or visible minority, or even handicap(able). I wouldn't discriminate in such a case (or in any other case really) But what it comes down to, this is a game, and as far as I can tell from not playing the game. They are trying to kill you, not give you a lap dance.

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