Suda51: Sexuality In Games Shouldn’t Be A Taboo

Goichi "Suda51" Suda’s next game, Killer Is Dead features a “Gigolo Mode” where the protagonist takes a break from violence and spends his time seducing women in a series of side missions. The game director famous for his “No More Hero” series explained the reasoning behind including such a controversial mode.

"I don't really use [sex] as something full frontal, but sexuality is a good way to express a certain element in the game," he said. "Maybe sexuality in games shouldn't be as big a taboo, but at the same time I live in a country where sexuality is pretty crazy."

"I think Western publishers do similar things, like with GTA, going out to a strip club and other things, but I do understand that if a Western developer was to create something like [Gigolo mode] it could backfire."

But it seems that Suda’s fans are OK with the strong sexual undertones persisting in his games such as Kill7 and No More Heroes. In No More Heroes, the protagonist, Travis, killed his way up the ranks of the United Assassins Association just to sleep with a beautiful girl and No More Heroes: Red Zone features a “Viewer Mode” where the player can move the camera to look up the characters’ skirts or strip them naked.

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I think ***** content is

I think ***** content is absolutely okay for ***** gamers. I live in Germany and every time I walk to shopping arcade, I pass a theatre with 4 statues of naked women in front of it and its absolutely normal. Why is even a naked breast in games such a big problem for everyone? I think the complete absence of sexuallity is making games odd. Nudity is not a big problem here in Europe. The problem is that most games come from the us. Did you guy's know that the only censored version of 'Giants: Citizen Kabuto' was the us version?

Hey now, America has it's

Hey now, America has it's issues, but so does Germany... Let's not forget most of the games change the blood from red to something else in Germany. Especially if there any kind of Nazi symbolism. Germany is a lot like Australia when it comes to censoring everything. The whole Citizen Kabuto "delphi" censorship wasn't the only thing changed. Blood was also changed from red to green to get a different rating from ESRB at the time. Apparently back in those days retailers wouldn't stock games rated "M" on their shelves period. So the company did everything they could to get a T rating.

Yeah, you are right. There

Yeah, you are right. There are enough strange things in Germany happening. I'm glad that censorship and ratings in Krautland softend up in the past 5-10 years. Even ZombieU was released fully uncensored. The last censorship I noticed was in Bulletstorm (removement of blood, gore and ragdoll). Nazi symbolism is really a no-go which isn't going to change in the near future. Is there any hint that America is changing in towards sexuality in media (games)? Too sad for Giants, but in return I had to endure Carmageddon and it's crazy R2D2 like robots.

no more Censorship !

I have been complaining about this no sexual content thing in games for ages and I say why on Earth there shouldn't be graphic sex scene in games with controllable characters ! like Indiego prophecy ! or sims 3 ! I even purposed to the creators of sims 3 that they should release a Expansion for adults only ! in real life simulator like sims 3 censorship is a stupid thing ! well if they so concerened about rating release just 1 for adults only ! if a minor could get his or her hand on a M rated games,movies or whatsoever that is not developers problem it is a paranenting problem !!! most of us gamers are ***** and we are ok with sexual content in video games like Mass Effect series ! sometimes the sexual content brings up a certain spice to the game and make the gamer feel more in the game world ! if it is up to vote I am 100% sure that 99% of the ***** gamers would agree with the idea that extra sexual content in video games should be something of a norm these days and we have support the idea not decline it !

Witcher 2

Just look at Witcher 2, I think it probably contains the highest amount of sexual content in a game and nobody complains. Books have sex, movies have sex and nudity so I don't see anything wrong with games.

Those ESRB ratings are half

Those ESRB ratings are half assed. They need to be re-made to fit correctly. AO should not be the main lable for sexual content. Pornographic material should have a completely different label period. In the end ESRB is just useless really. They don't even rate the online multiplayer... what the ****?


Doesn't change the fact that its rated. Specially if it is accurately rated T or M. Its like a movie, you wouldn't get Rated R or higher for your 8 year old. And if they got there hands on it it still isn't the creator's fault.

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