Survey: Console Gamers Aren’t Interested In New Game Ideas

A new survey found that console players prefer to spend their money on popular franchises’ sequels and licensed games than on new IPs (intellectual properties).

The survey was performed by Nielsen media research group. The group surveyed 4,800 players between 7 and 54 years old to come to the conclusion that the most anticipated titles across the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii were Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and Just Dance 4, respectively.

Of the 45 top anticipated titles across the three consoles (15 for each one), only two Wii games were not sequels or based on a licensed property: The Last Story, and Everyone Sing.

The full list of 2012’s most anticipated console games is available on Neilsen’s official blog.

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Stop buying franchise games

Stop buying franchise games like BF/CoD/Yearly sports games. The PC is getting more and more unique indie games, made by people who are willing to challenge the currently defined genres. If the market shifts towards innovative games you can be sure that the big companies will follow. If you follow notch's twitter you might know that EA is already trying to butt in into the indie market (indie games by EA, what a joke).

The problem with survey's is

The problem with survey's is they rarely ask what people would like to see more of in their own words. Just answers to questions that the survey gives. -------------- Another thing i noticed in this article was that it asked CONSOLE gamers what they want. ------- Invariably that means that they dictate what PC gamers get as a result. ----------- The reason why i have consoles is because i like to play specific types of games on them. On my PC however, i expect more than a rehashed, tarted up regurgitation of what is a game with console limits. ------- It's because of the kind of games that were specific to PC gamers back in the late 90's and early to mid 2000's that got me into pc gaming in the first place. ---------- Now i have to put up with games that i could have just bought on any of my consoles and that, quite frankly, don't feel all that different in looks and play.


I imagine the survey went something like this: "Would you rather play a new Zelda game or something that doesn't exist yet and might possibly be more fun but is most likely crap because all odds are against it"?

People want to see new games, hell, I'd go as far as to say the gaming industry NEEDS new games. The problem is we are so stuck in the same routine that every new game comes out is just a rehashing of old content. I liked Darksiders for example, I thought it was pretty fun and a cool plot, but every single mechanic of that game was similar to another game I'd played in the past. The boomerang reminded me of puzzles in Zelda, the hack-and-slash was the same as every other hack-and-slash, and the first-person elements didn't offer anything new either. The game was fun to play, sure! But was it really something that stood out from the crowd as unique and untouchable? No. We are at witts end with our current generation of technology can offer, so it's not that we perfer the same old games over and over, it's just that we know the developers will stand a good chance of "doing it right" so we get some fun content out of our money.

Consoles also have indie

Consoles also have indie games, they just dont sell that much compared to pcs. Basically the issue here is the average gamer age on each platform. Consoles are dominated by kids and teenagers (who are more impressionable than adults and more likely to follow trends) while pcs have a more diverse audience (that doesnt mean you're mature just because you game on a pc, so wipe that smirk off your face kid). So the older pc gamers have already played the same genres over and over and are more interested in new things, being one myself I can say that the kind of games I shunned as a kid are the ones that interest me most right now. The only thing that puts me off currentyl is that indie games tend to lack good multiplayer (especially co-op).

The problem here is that what

The problem here is that what people think of when someone talks about new IPs is a new platformer/shooter/etc that plays like others, but is based on a new character/world/whatever. What this survey should ask is if people what new gameplay and ideas, not new ips. When Resident Evil 4 came out, it was still the Resident Evil IP, but used a new camera angle that changed the gameplay and affected almost every aspect of the game, and worked out great. It's not that people aren't interested in new ideas, but new character or new worlds don't mean anything if they aren't doing anything very different.


y would u only stick to one franchise?? its like mario. playing the same crap over and over again (mind u, i grew up on mario). they just improve on game play, thats it. i for one would love a new game. there are no good games out there anymore. everything is about graphics. i would still go back to the old 2bit games and enjoy it more than all these new games. whether it be console or pc.

Wow so much hate...

I play both and love them equally... of course both have their ups and downs but i don't understand why so much hate is dedicated towards console owners when most of the time the PC version of games is superior(mods,graphics,online).

i game on consoles, and i

i game on consoles, and i agree.

Most console gamers i know only care about COD. COD is pure crap in my eyes, the multiplayer is also crap and boring, but for some reason people keep raving about crappy overplayed games.

I think stupid people are to blame, stupid people are the majority, soooo.


Finally someone who gets it :D and dosnt it also make you laugh when you hear someone say they are a Pro gamer and then say they are pro gamer on Xbox or PS.

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