Survey: Most 3DS Owners Hate Or Don’t Know About Its 3D

A new survey conducted by research firm Interpret LLC found that 28% of Nintendo 3DS' owners find that its glasses-less 3D actually detracts from the playing experience, 22% find that it improves gameplay and the rest (50%) are not affected by it.

The study also found that 13% of the system owners prefer to play with the 3D effect off and that Nintendo failed to communicate the system's capabilities to the consumers as only 60% of the 1600 adult respondents knew that the 3DS was capable of producing 3D output and 28% only knew that no glasses are required to take advantage of its 3D display.

Adding insult to injury, only 7% described the 3DS as an "ideal" 3D gaming device, with 56% indicating that a 3D HD TV and a console would provide that ideal experience.

Finally, 37% of the respondents reported feeling nausea and dizziness after viewing stereoscopic 3D content; this is up from last year's 30%.

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James Cameron said it best when we produced the movie "Avatar". Don't just use 3D as a gimmick, use it where it really counts and adds proper depth.. Very on to it man, I may say.

...horrible miscalculation by

...horrible miscalculation by nintendo. The first time i tried it: "oh neat! (5 mins in) ok, enough of this shit(turns 3D off)"... how can you expect people to take the 3D effect seriously, you have to look at it the right way, and you cant even give one of these to a kid under 7 because it causes permenent vision problems... this isnt innovation, its a gimmick, and a bad one...

"I have a 3DS and I didn't

"I have a 3DS and I didn't know it could display games in 3D"....... that's like saying "I have a car and I didn't know I could drive it and move around the city faster than by walking". Goes to show some people just buy things 'cause they can buy it.


You can say i'm wrong but 1600 adults is not enough to get an unbiased idea. Do you think those adults even had a normal DS or ever had a wii? No, they're probably the people that play Call of Duty and FIFA constantly.

Out of the millions of people that own a 3DS i really think that a few hundred peoples opinions don't matter.

And the people that own a 3DS and don't know about the 3D (or that you don't need glasses) are absolute morons as are the people that conducted this survey and/or took part in it.


What's funnier, that the 3DS is so boring that people use it to fall asleep, or that it takes you so long to shit that you've got time to play video games?!!!


Seeing as there are no good games for it yet, there is no reason for a lot of people to buy it. The games that use the 3D do it terribly as well, since it is more of an after thought, unless it's the focus of the game, in which case it would be a minigame collection. Another big problem is that the 3D effect requires either 3D or better programming to do the 3D effect right and since it's a poor hardware handheld, you won't see very good 3D games on it. It needs a good Metroid or Mario game to be released before anyone gives a damn about the system.

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