There's another Warhammer 40k game, it's a MOBA

As if there weren't enough Warhammer 40,000 games already available or in development at the moment, Games Workshop has announced another partnership with another developer - Eutechnyx, the company behind the Nascar games and Auto Club Evolution - which is creating a "lane strategy," game based in the 40k universe, called Storm of Vengeance.

It won't be your typical MOBA though, with gamers taking control of single heroes and battling against a similarly equipped and outfitted team of enemies, instead players will be in charge of 100 Space Marines from the Dark Angel chapter, who are charged with defending an outpost against all enemies.

This sounds a bit more like a mixture of horde mode and traditional MOBA games like DotA and LoL, which could be an interesting prospect - especially since those are two of the most popular games modes out there at the moment.

That could well mean that the game is players vs AI only, which would mean it would need to have quite unique and challenging gameplay to be maintained beyond a few days of coordinated play - especially since many gamers could come over from other MOBAs having refined their team working skills.

What is interesting though, is that Storm of Vengeance is currently in development for both PC and mobile. Since cross platform play seems unlikely, it will be interesting to see how the versions differ and whether it will mean that the PC one is toned down aesthetically because of mobile handset limitations.

To play the cynical devil's advocate for a second too, I bet this ends up being iOS only, as for some reason Games Workshop hates doing android ports of anything. Probably because all the bosses have iPhones or something.

Storm of Vengeance is expected to be released in Q2 2014.

Image Source: 40k rulebook

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Too bad DA are shit.

I have only the vaguest interest in MOBA's, but I'm a major 40k fan. Making a this game about the Dark Angels is just about the most effective way to make me outright not give a shit. Lamest faction in the game.


I know nothing about Moba or Dota but Wahammer has a track history full of awesome, its not perfect but it is awesome. Only folks who grew up on Blizzard games would put down this legendary beast.

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