Tickets for Valve's DotA 2 International go on sale on April 3

If you're a fan of DotA 2 then chances are you already know when Valve's world championships, otherwise known as The International, are taking place - July 18 to 21 - but there's no way you could have tickets yet as they don't go on sale until the 3rd at 12:00pm ET/3:00pm PT/10:00pm GMT. But now you at least know to get ready.

They're going on sale through Ticketmaster and will come in a variety of flavours. If you want just general admission, you're going to be spending just shy of $100, whereas Floor Seats will set you back $199.

Go for the full VIP package and you're going to be shelling out a full $500, but you do get access to all six days of the playoffs (starting July 8), floor seating, exclusive VIP meet and greet with the players and access to the afterparty.

If those tickets seem a bit steep, compare them to your usual sporting event ticket prices and bear in mind that this event takes place over four days, of which you have access to all of them. That's a lot of entertainment for your money.

If you like DotA 2 that is.

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As hyper-misogynistic as it sounds, or maybe just plain "evil". I really couldn't disagree. "A lot of entertainment for the money"? No, Nitro Circus or Crusty Tour, X-Games, MoD, Dew Tour etc. are a lot of entertainment for the money. This, even if it was free, is just a way to validate & authenticate yourself as a genetic inferiority.

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