Transformers Universe is now a MOTA

Transformers Universe, the Transformers themed MMO has gone through a bit of a "'transformation' as of late, changing up its gameplay from a traditional MMO experience, to one that the developers are calling a MOTA. Essentially, it's an arena based game like League of Legends or DotA, but with tactical gameplay.

What does that mean? Well for starters, you'll be controlling more than one bot at once. As the developer, Jagex, of Runescape fame, explains:

“As Commander of a new squad of bots, you will recruit, maintain and battle others with a unique collection of Transformers warriors created in collaboration with our friends at Hasbro.”

That would imply that each human player will control a team of AI enabled transformers, in a similar fashion perhaps to the squad system in Titanfall, though without a human controlled bot as well. Each squad will be specific to its faction - Autobots or Decepticons - and will have its own unique upgrades and augmentations.

There's a new trailer to accompany this announcement too, but it doesn't really tell us much beyond robots like to punch each other in the face - which we knew already.

Transformers Universe is set for release this summer, with a beta coming sometime before then.

[Cheers PCG]

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Somehow MJ that just doesn't seem like your style, no you need a large area full of open space and random people. Like lets say ummmmmm Megagames for instance. Its like wen u play transformers you suddenly realize the world is spinning so u see everything like an alley. Probably cuz u was raped in one eh bro?

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