Why PS Vita Won’t Be Digital Only

Sony has abandoned the PSP's UMD format for its upcoming PS Vita, but it didn't go all the way to abandon physical media altogether and making it a digital-download only platform like its PSP GO predecessor. The reason for that is quite simply actually, this transition is not yet suitable for all gamers.

"We believe, for some consumers, the time is [right], but for other consumers, the time is still not [right]," Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said. "So we believe the time is still not right to go download-only as a platform. Some PS Vita titles, like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, will be close to 4GB in size, which could be too large to download for consumers who do not have a fast broadband connection. Also, some consumers like shopping in retail stores, talking to knowledgeable store clerks, buying and playing games on the spot. We do not want to remove that capability from consumers."

Sony has made it clear that all PS Vita retail games will be available for digital download, but the opposite won't necessarily be true.

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Having a physical copy gives YOU the user the power. Having it means you could always re-sell it. You could always have it with you. What happens when the Giant Sony goes out of business one day? Or say steam sells out to another company? It's something that could happen. No one thought Sega would fall as they did. I'm just saying that having a physical copy of the game is more meaningful in time.

While yes. I but games on steam when they have good deals simply because you can't beat a game for 2 or 2.50.

I'm just saying, when you lose the power to buy a physical copy of the game. You lose a part of being a consumer that gives you a little power.

"Or say steam sells out to

"Or say steam sells out to another company" - As the guy below me said, many games require a connection anyway. For teh ones that dont, you just block steam via windows firewall and play your games in offline mode (which most of you don't seem to realize it even exists).


So many games require online activation or even, sadly, a persistent online connection while playing the game. Those physical copies will be useless, unless you need a portable mirror when those companies disappear like you said. The only way to truly keep your own copy of the game is to back it up yourself, with physical or digital copy that has been hacked to prevent the need of online activation/persistent connection.

Can't Beat Digitally Sales

Buying a recent AAA game for under $10 is something you can't get at a retail store. A used store will still sell games at over half price for a good while after release. Buying a recent AAA game and getting their entire collection free with it is also something stores won't do. They don't have unlimited copies of said game and bundling multiple games together will lose them money.


While that does happen it's not often. You do get some monster packs from time to time on steam, some along the year and a bunch for christmas. That's when you can get 40+ or even 50+ games for $70/$80. That's enough games to get you through the year and then some. Who cares about trading when you can get such a sweet deal two or three times a year. Just to make it clear, they're not a bunch of shit games packed with a couple of good ones. Usually they're packed by publisher (50 games from EA, or 40 from atari, etc...) so if you pick a publisher you like you get plenty of games you've heard of and will enjoy and also others you've never heard about but are fun nonetheless.

Selling the game later

I don't see many people resell their games. The most I see people do, is bring their game into a used game store and trade them for a tiny amount of store credit. If you bought said game from a retail store, you paid full price for the game, since they never do sales on them. If you traded said game into a used game store for $10 of store credit, but paid $50 for the game, you still paid $40 for it and $10 for another game. If you bought the game digitally at 20%+ off, you have paid $40 for the game and have $10 you can still use for another game or anything you want.

Stupid companies...

They either think everyone will still want and/or have time to play all these old games & still expect everyone to keep buying & playing the new ones, OR, they just expect us to throw them in the garbage, when someone else could be playing them. Video game companies are as greedy as any other & they make a fortune. If they didn't, how is a company like Epic, who makes the brainless, empty, retarded Unreal & GoW games able to blow over $100,000 on a tricycle built by the spoiled brat that is Paul Teutul Jr.?

Physical obsession?

It seems like everyone is obsessed with having to have a physical copy of the things they own. It's funny because you don't own anything even with the physical copies nowadays. You still require activation upon install, which if the servers are not up any longer, you can't activate your product anymore. You also can have your game permanently deactivated for various reasons. Both making the physical copy worthless.


I can have my game hacked & play it w/out activating it. Done it lots of times. So have many people, so I can pay for something & not own it as you say, or I can not pay for it and own it anyway. We'll get our "hands" on it & play it how we want when we want one way or another. It's just code, no one owns it, not even the groups of people that wrote it. You are delusional if you think the consumer is any less entitled to the code they pay for than the company that wrote it is.


I bought a digital copy of a game one time and i regret it. Computer broke few times over the years due to not taking care of it and i got tired of having to re-download the damn thing over and over. There fore I payed for something that I don't have a physical copy of and cant sell to get rid of. Imagine having low space, having to delete a game to download and play another.

Im only going to pay for physical media

If i was going to pay for something it will have to be on either a disk (CD, DVD, blu-ray)or some kind of flash memory (DS cartridges, usb read only flash drive). Why you ask? Simply because if I decide to resell it or trade it in, I have some physical media to offer thus I can exchange game for money that i can spend on whatever I want(movies, gas for car, food, clothes, etc.). When you download digital content your not getting anything, but ones and zeros, that are protected with drm crap that restrict you to few devices, and does not work when you try to play it back on another device. In short you give them you money for something you will never own. Also living in uncivilized country of USA when people still have dial up as their only mean of getting online good luck downloading a 4+ GB game. And dont get me started on "trading in" you downloaded game for points or achievements, trophies or other shit, because you cant do anything with it, tell me of any store when you can buy anything with your online trophies points.
Key Point:
You want my cash (physical object) I better get a physical object in return.

Oh lord

Reselling, trading... I am appalled, poor people really do that sort of thing? And they even complain if they can't do it, I thought it was just an urban legend.

I see your point

Why on earth would I want a physical copy when I can trust giant company such as Sony to keep all of my information secure. I mean if someone manages to enter their unsecured servers and modified my account information that is stored in UNENCRYPTED text file all I have to do is just call Sony and tell them what games I had purchased and would like to re-download I'm sure they will be happy to give me activation code for them or provide me with a download link, so I can redownload them. Why wouldn't they take my word for it, I am an honest person, so what that I cant back it up with anything since I don't have a copy because I formated my PS3 Hard Drive to make room for new games,I'm sure they will help me out.


Like you never bought a used game. I have reinvested in over 2K in games by trading in. I'm not broke, I just don't need them n e more.


They say people like to buy and play games on the spot. I haven't been into a retail store for about 5 years now. I am actually able to download, on basic high speed internet service, a full game faster than driving to a store, going in and checking the game out, and driving back. Can't really play it right there in the store or while driving home.

Sometimes we just want to drive

Good luck trading in your game. And wow your closest store must be at least 50 miles away or something if u can drive there and back just in time for download to finish. Texting while driving is bad but wanting to play games while driving is priceless.

I live an hour away from the

I live an hour away from the city, i gladly come in to town just to buy a game, being all cooked up in the middle of nowhere creates a form of social phobia, so you gotta stay in touch with humanity, otherwise you go insane and eat your dog.

Good reason there

You can always try to have it delivered. But delivery takes quite a while and its only worth it if you plan to resell the game. Buy and sell on half.com, I bought stuff there new that's cheaper then used in stores. But hey its all up to you given your distance I would have then downloaded it as well.

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