WiiWare Super Meat Boy Cancelled Because It Was ‘Shitty’

Team Meat, the developers of the increasingly popular Super Meat Boy has had to cancel the WiiWare version of the game after deciding that it would be "a piece of shit version of Super Meat Boy."

"There is no way to avoid the fact that if we released a 40MB version of Super Meat Boy it would be a shit version of the game," Super Meat Boy designer Edmund McMillen said. "It's a lose lose situation, but the fact of the matter is if we release a shitty game, we will have to live with that for the rest of our careers and have to cop to the fact that it is a shitty game."

In order to fit within the WiiWare strict size limit of 40MB, Team Meat had to remove the leaderboards and all the Dark World levels. They also had to remove music from boss fights and cutscenes and to restrict the total number of music tracks in-game to six. Furthermore, the game would have no support for downloadable additions.

"We knew of the limits early on but overestimated our ability to get Nintendo to raise the file size," McMillen admitted. "It's lame that there is a 40MB cap on WiiWare games ... but it was our fault for blindly assuming this cap wasn't set in stone, and we are sorry for that."

Team Meat has already contacted several publishers to distribute Super Meat Boy for Wii through retail DVDs, but they "passed on the title because they believe Wii retail is a bad idea profit wise. Most places we have talked to believe that only Nintendo brand games sell well on their system and don't even understand why we want to release Wii retail."

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I smell bullshit! considering

I smell bullshit! considering well um meatboy started as a flash game (or at the very least was a flash game years ago) bet that was less than 40MB! frankly if this is true and thats the real reason. then these guys are just shitty ass dev's and don't know how to code.


Allow me to ask sir, do you know any programming language? If so, you should know that there is no real way to "code" to create the smallest program possible. You can replace redundant code and replace it with more efficient procedures but that's about it. The bulk of the size is in music and video cutscenes.

Super Meat Boy has just earned a top place for players choice indie game of the year, I wouldn't be so quick at slandering it's devs. Disagree? Make a game of equal quality and prove me wrong.

Agreed, the OP doesn't seem

Agreed, the OP doesn't seem to know much about the subject (making games that is). As you have stated the bulk of the size is in music and video, I'd also like to mention textures for modern 3D games in general.

As far as coding is concerned, the entire engine is usually contained in the exe or a separate dll file (for windows versions), and if you check the size on those you'll realize they don't get to 20 mb, let alone 40 (and I'm talking about AAA game engines here, super meat boy is much smaller). Better coding improves performance (that's how fast a game runs), the amount of space the engine uses is not really important.

Currently we call the part of games that take the vast majority of space 'art assets'.

um, have you looked at games

um, have you looked at games for the ds. barely look better than games for the snes, doesn't stop it from selling. have you looked at games on the wii compared to the 360, doesn't stop them from selling... there is no reason they could have not easily done a modified smaller game. and really 40mb is HUGE for a simple game, and since the wii isn't even high def theres no reason they couldn't compress the textures with almost no noticible lose in video quality. it may not spesificly be 'coding' but its the devs lack of intelligence for sure,. to use nintendo's policy (which yes it does suck but thats nintendo for you) is lame. thats like saying "no other burger chains want to build in this city so I won't either" also theres a fuck tonne of wii ware games not from nintendo. bigger companies arn't making as many major games for the wii but indy studios still are. so really there excuse boils down to "in the end we're lazy, instead of adapting and ultimately doing less work, we'll just not get paid and piss of a segment of the market" and I will make a better game. give a staff and the money required. supermeat boys not some game made by 1 person in his moms basement (well maybe the original was)

and to add to this and prove

and to add to this and prove my point about how big 40Mb really is, enjoy this free fully 3d fps game with graphics around the same level as what the wii can provide maybe just a little bit less.. thats -ghasp- 97.8 mother fucking KB's. remember theres 1024 KB per MB meaning thats 418.81 times smaller than the limit. oh and by the way READ THE ARTICLE to drop the size they had to cut the leader board. that is codeing.... meaning they are indeed shitty coders, and devs

kkrieger - Beta

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... that your a dipshit

That's *gasp* totally irrelevant, and all it proves my friend is that you really aren't the brightest. The reason why that game is only 97.8 KB's is because all of its assets are generated procedurally. A less than productive or realistic approach to developing a large game.

The engine generates all of the assets at run-time, hence the rather lengthy load times. That means that the models are built from a selection of primitives, with the odd deformation or two in the name of versatility, and are therefore limited to rather simple forms - making intricate architectural details and quality organic models impossibly tedious, if not entirely impossible all together. The same goes for all other art assets. At the very best, you'd have a major loss of quality, and arguably performance.

Don't get me wrong, its impressive, but its merely a proof of concept. Its not the future. Or anything new really. Just a group of people pushing an existing concept to the extreme and having something to show for it.

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