Zuckerberg’s Private Photos Exposed Through Facebook Bug

It is no secret that Facebook has a lot of privacy protection issues, and now the latest one of them has hit the site's creator Mark Zuckerberg himself.

The new flaw was discovered by members of a body building forum and it was used successfully to access people's private photos until Facebook plugged the hole.

The flaw took advantage of a feature in the "Report Abuse" tool. When a Facebook user reports a picture for "nudity or pornography," the tool presented him with a list of other photos from the same user so that he can report them as well. Problem is, this list ignored the user's privacy settings.

Facebook disabled the "Report Abuse" tool temporary until the issue is fixed, but not before private photos of Mark Zuckerberg made their way to the internet.

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I wounder if he has the mind

I wounder if he has the mind of a serial killer, he always as the same mild look on his face, he has more than enough money to do whatever the hell he wants, but he always looks like he's forcing himself to enjoy the moment.


So by that logic if he had stale plastic look he would look like a molester?? Its just a picture get over it unless your with a forensic unit.

yes indeed if you want

yes indeed if you want something "private" then stay away from this social perversion like feacabook or other shajt.

For Christ sake are we really retarded so much that we need things like blogs and face book and all of this shit.

Wake up people you deviate whole purpose INTERNET ....


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