Battlefield: 1942: Soldier9's Realism Mod


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This mod is still in it's infancy, and we are slowly replacing everything in the game to achieve realism. Some things are limited by the game's engine itself, but we are pushing it full throttle as well.

When you download S9RM, you will see numerous changes within 1 minute. We have added numer weapons and vehicles, edited most physics of the game to give it a more realistic feel. No more shooting someone 5 times at point blank range and still not getting a kill. Pretty much in this game, its 1 shot, 1 kill. Just like in real war. Some people may challenge the realism of that, but I would invite any of you to take a round from a .30-06 and stay on your feet.

You will also notice the "asthetic" upgrades. You will now fight with or against uinits such as the 101st Airborne, Waffen SS, Falschrimjagers, 2nd Panzer Division, among a few others. Tanks and vehicles have been weathered, as well as new ground textures on some maps.

Soldier9's Realism Mod also features a few maps that you cannot get anywhere else. While right now, we only have our "Operation Overlord: Dog Green Sector" up and running, we are currently working on "Operation Overlord: Pointe du Hoc", Operation Zitadelle and Okinawa.

Here at Soldier9's Realism Mod, we strive to give you the most realistic gaming experience possible. We currently feature new weapons such as: M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, G43 Rifle, Panzerfaust, Type 38 Rifle, Type 100SMG, Type 97LMG, as well as a few others. We are currently in the process of making Russian weapons to complete the correct loadouts

Please note that BF1942: Road To Rome is required to run this patch.


1. New tanks: Firefly (replaces sherman) PanzerIV H (replaces original PanzerIV)
2. Firefly has a gun which rivals that of the Tiger, Panzer IV H has a more powerful gun.
3. BF109 re-done: MG's are now in correct spot (above the nose) and there is a 37mm nose cannon with 25 rounds.
4. Spitfire: Has 8 MG's in the wings and carries one bomb. It has a lot of ammo, but burns it fast with 8 MG's.
5. P51: Has 6 MG's in the wings, and has larger ammo capacity. No bombs.
6. Corsair: Has 6 MG's in the wings, and more ammo. Also has 1 bomb.
7. Yak9: Has 1 MG and one 20mm Nose cannon. (both are in the engine area)
8. Zero: Has 2 engine cowl MG's and dual 20mm wing cannon's.
9. Panzer4H and Firefly have full texture set. (New textures done by L3_Dog)
10. MG42 and Browning have new shiny skins. (They look more worn out)
11. New projectile's created under the common folder: a 20mm projectile and a 37mm projectile.
12. New flags.
13. M1 Garand Added to the game. United States Engineer carries this rifle. No4 Rifle still exists, and M1 is seperate.

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Battlefield: 1942: Soldier9's Realism Mod

This looks like a great mod. I just hate fileplanet so much. Unless you are a fully paid up fileplanet member or intend to pay your $56 to sign up don't bother trying to download this file from them. At the front door they tell you come sign up we have loads of free stuff. As soon as you details are with them they sell them on; and you got it "Soldier9's Realism Mod 2.3.5 mod" is only available to paid up members. Why not tell you this at the front door. They are a true bunch of scum. Why lie to get people. I wish someone could drag them through the courts for their dishonest, sneeky, cheep approach. If there are any people who have the patch, would you please consider putting it up for share on Kazaa. Best wishes Sue.

Battlefield: 1942: Soldier9's Realism Mod

Fileplanet are a bunch of crooks. they need to pay for their service. So I have no problem with a charge. But then when you look at the adds, banners, junk mail spam, spy wear that they also use to get an income off it just says greed. Lets hope they get attacked or go bust. BTW this mod is great. Well done and thanks for all the hard work put into this and other top mods like DC. This game just gets better and better.

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