Battlefield: 1942 v1.6.19 Patch


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This patch will update Battlefield 1942 to version 1.6.19 and fix a number of bugs.

A new map is also featured in this patch.


The 1.6 patch radically changes the format for the maplist.con file. The 1.6 README has all the necessary details, but note that your current maplists will not work when you update to the 1.6 patch.

New Map - Liberation of Caen
Liberation of Caen is a new map for BF1942 owners. It includes a whole new army, the Canadians. The army includes the Sexton SPA and the Lynx scout car, as well as new skins, flags, voice overs, and a new Assault rifle and the Johnson M1941 LMG. The Germans in this map are also equipped with a new scout vehicle, the Kettenkrad.

New Map - Raid on Agheila
Raid on Agheila is a new map playable for owners of the Secret Weapons of WWII expansion pack. This exciting map adds a bevy of new vehicles, including mobile spawn points, stationary rocket launchers, a new tank, new self-propelled artillery, and the Flettner, an experimental helicopter.

Modifications to Existing Maps

- The Russian dive bomber, Ilyushin IL-2, has replaced one of the Yak 9 fighters in Kursk and Kharkov.

- Battle of Britain can now be played using Objective Mode. Secret
Weapons of WWII expansion pack is NOT required to play Battle of Britain in this mode.

- Invasion of the Philippines has been slightly revised. The Japanese Destroyer has been rotated to face North, giving the Japanese a better chance at the start. The out of bounds area has been pushed back, and ticket bleeds have been slightly reduced.

Client Specific Changes/Bug Fixes

Added support for Punkbuster anti-cheat software

- Visit > for more information.

In-game HUD Player and Map Voting Interface Via Scoreboard

- To access the new scoreboard features either enter the spawn interface and click the Scoreboard button, or press TAB. (NB- clicking the right mouse button while holding down TAB will give you a cursor- clicking on the 'lock' button will lock the scoreboard onscreen.)

- Features of the new scoreboard:

* Add buddies.

* Vote to kick players.

* Vote to kick a player on your team (only your team can vote).

* Vote for maps.

* All players can be seen through scrolling the score list.

* Integrated vote dialog to respond to vote requests.

* Added two new key bindings map to Yes and No for the vote response dialog (default: Yes: 7 and No: 8).

* Added a new key binding for quick access to the map vote dialog
(default: INSERT).

* Please note that if you already have these keys bound in your
custom profile you will need to assign these functions to other keys or use for them to work.

Improved Server Browser

- Support for favorite servers as a separate list accessible from the filters pane. NOTE: The favorite servers list must be refreshed manually to reflect the latest information from these servers.

- Added button to place server in favorites list.

- Much better filters and updated performance.

- Added new filter buttons:

* Populated only.

* Favorites.

* Pure Servers (Content Check).

* PunkBuster only

- Server Information pane will now detail which mods are present in
the server rotation - Fixed the "Add server" button in the in-game server
browser- now works for servers that use the standard GameSpy BF1942 ports.

- Added button which takes you to the server rental service website.

- Added LEGEND button (looks like question mark). This details what
the main icons represent in the Server Browser Interface.

Other Fixes / Changes

- The game.listPlayers command shows the cd key hash of the local

- Slightly improved loading speed of maps.

- Fixed sinking destroyer bug.

- Changed APC exit point to minimize certain exploits.

- Fixed an exploit involving damage to Aircraft Carriers.

- Fixed crash bug when a dead bot was thrown through a window or

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Battlefield: 1942 v1.6.19 Patch

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Battlefield: 1942 v1.6.19 Patch

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Battlefield: 1942 v1.6.19 Patch

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Battlefield: 1942 v1.6.19 Patch

The 1.6 crack is missing the cracked GameSpyHost.dll which is needed. You can get this file inside the 1.5 crack. However you will still need a unique cd key, and punkbuster will kick you after it has updated to the current update for having a modified exe.


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