Battlefield: Pirates Alpha 0.1


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Ahoy there ye matey! Welcome to Battlefield: Pirates.
The mod with big ships, big guns, and big hats.

Patch Information:

Requires Battlefield 1.4

Remember to turn off "content check" on dedicated servers or clients will get a "data differs from server" error. (this is found under the "advanced" tab)


To install:
Copy the folder "Pirates" to your mods folder. (don't forget to copy it to your dedicated server mods folder also if you are hosting an internet game)

To uninstall:
Just delete the folder.

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Battlefield: Pirates Alpha 0.1

THIS MOD IS A POS!If your on 56k dont bother wasting your time, if your on broadband go for it!First off the forums are really crap for this mod, no help whatsoever, there are lots of people with the following issue!I tried sooo many times to get the mod the atleast load without it crashing back to the desktop, then when I finally got it to work the map wouldn't load. And to add to that, it has now Fuked my install of BF and even reinstalling it hasn't fixed it, oh well Format C:

Battlefield: Pirates Alpha 0.1

"Jesus Christ, there must be at least 40 freaking mods for this game, can't wait for the Counter-Strike mod to come out."Don't even surgest it, counter-strike is the shittes mod ever made, thats a fuct game and doesn't deserve to be ported to anything else. Battlefield has shit infantry combat but the vehicles are fun to drive/fly. If it got a big kick up in the realism department I'd accually considering playing it more.

Battlefield: Pirates Alpha 0.1

Right now Battlefield 1942 is my favourite game in the entire universe. It has massive maps, load of veichles ;) and weapons of mass destruction, YAY VIOLENCE! This map looks a little silly what with all the craptastic graphics on the ship, but oh well.I can't wait till I get a GeForce 3 T500 or a GeForce 4! Then I will be able to play Bf1942, for now I am stuck with the Fight Klub (lan cafe).

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