Battlefield Vietnam v1.1 Patch


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This latest patch for BF vietnam will update the game to version 1.1 and apply a number of bug fixes.

Battlefield Vietnam(tm) v1.1
Read Me File
July 1, 2004
**Maps and Vehicles**
-Defense of Con Thien is a head to head battle across the DMZ separating
North and South Vietnam.
Defense of Con Thien features 3 new vehicles:
-OH-6 Loach is a scout helicopter used by the USMarines. It's fast and agile,
armed with chain guns and can be used to spot for artillery strikes.
-Ka-25 'Hormone' is an attack helicopter used by the NVA. It carries chain
guns and heat seeking missiles, and also benefits from the addition of
radar in the nose.
-Stationary M60 emplacements with infinite ammo.

**Menu and Game Features**
-MapVote/KickVote/Buddy GUI from BF1942 1.6 has been integrated into BFV 1.1.
-Longer player names (Up to 23 characters) will show up on the TAB screen.
-Current tickets for each team displayed on the TAB screen.
-Server IP, name, and current map appear on TAB Screen.
-Server Favorites option added to server browser.
-Server Browser Legend added.
-Copy and Paste IP address into Add Server dialog box
-Servers rented through the EA 'Rent Server' program have special a icon in the server browser.
-The choice to using English Only dialog for all VO's added to Options Menu.
-3d map now shows friendly mines, traps, explosives, ammo boxes, and
medical cabinets. These icons fade in as the player approaches.
-Pixel added to the middle of the crosshair.
-Flight Ceiling added to helicopters.

**Dedicated Server**
-Dedicated server supports the creation of a multiple mod/game mode maplist. Note that
Evolution mode is NOT supported in a mixed mod map list.
-Added an option to force team switch at the end of a round.
-Added an option to carry tickets over between rounds. This will work with
team switch, so the tickets will follow the team if they switch sides.
-Can force players with a defined string in their name to a particular team.
-Crosshair pixel centerpoint option added to dedicated server.
-Crosshair hit feedback option added to dedicated server.
-Dedicated server can choose between death camera options of orbit/reveal killer/free cam.
-TK punish mode options added to dedicated server.
-Password-reserved slots added to dedicated server.
-Option to disable the Flag Warning mini-map icon added.

-Disappearing/duplicate missiles bug fixed. This was especially prevalent with the Mi8.
-Fixed bug where NVA mobile tunnel spawns wouldn't appear for some players.
-Punkbuster button is easier to see, and easier to select.
-Multiple VO messages at connection time fixed.
-Selecting the current weapon from the weapon menu will close the menu.
-Splash physics against soldiers fixed. They now react with the appropriate
force when a tank shell explodes nearby.
-lowered 44 Magnum rate of fire to better sync with the animation.
-Free camera prediction moved to client side to give smoother control.
-Removed splash physics from friendly explosions when Friendly Fire is off.
-Airlifting Tango no longer repairs/rearms helicopter.
-Vehicles on Tango won't float in the air when Tango moves.
-Can no longer deploy Pungi Sticks when in an armed passenger position (they would
float around the vehicle).
-Can no longer deploy Claymores when in armed passenger position (they would
-Certain static object exploits fixed.
-Fixed potential exploit involved with altering video settings.
-AI shooting teammates has been lessened.
-AI visibility is now properly blocked by overgrowth/undergrowth.

-Jeeps take less damage in water.
-Jeep top speed and torque increased.
-Helicopter bullet damage decreased against light vehicles and air vehicles.
-The ability to track air targets was lowered for vehicle mounted heatseekers.
-MUTT tow rocket changed to a heat seeker. Reload time increased, ammo count decreased.
-Cobra heatseeker rate of fire decreased.
-Increased destabilization of Cobra when no driver, making it harder to switch to
the 2nd position to fire heatseekers.
-Slightly reduced Cobra hitpoints.
-M60 damage vs. helicopters increased.
-LAW and RPG damage vs. helicopters significantly increased.
-Vehicle resupply radius of ammoboxes increased from 3 to 8 meters.
-BM21SAM minimum firing pitch angle lowered.
-BM21SAM Rate of fire doubled, but now contains 4x10 round magazines with a long reload.
-Increased ammo count of M46 from 30 to 50 rounds.
-Replaced static crosshair with animated one in all mounted MG's.
-Lowered minimum pitch of all tank turrets as much as possible.
-Kit speeds adjusted so Scouts are fastest, Heavy Assault slowest.
-Falling damage when going down stairs reduced.
-Flaming Dart air towers are less vulnerable to explosives and mortar attacks.

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Battlefield Vietnam v1.1 Patch

i need no cd patch because i cant be arsed top put cd in and it runs faster too.......i aint no cheating u f have the game so go and report me to ea if u want......what the f**k do u think they will do? nothing that is what u arse hole


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