Blood Omen 2 v1.02


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This patch will upgrade Blood Omen 2 to version 1.02.

Here is a list of fixes:
Version 1.01

Various crash bugs (either lockups or crashes to desktop) have been fixed. Most notably crashes when loading a savegame, but also various ingame crashes.

A new option has been added in the Setup to switch resolutions when playing movies. This should fix the problem where movies play extremely slow or choppy.

Various minor graphical problems have been fixed.

Refresh rate selection now works properly.

Volume settings are now properly saved.

Mouse controls have been tuned for better playability

Movement actions (like Forward) can now be mapped onto mouse or gamepad buttons.

Lookaround controls have been improved for keyboard, and can now also be used on gamepads.

Various minor other fixes.

Version 1.02

All fixes from 1.01 and improved stability. Please note that using saved games can cause the game to crash

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