Diablo II v1.08 patch


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The Diablo II 1.08 patch adjusts the balance of several skills, modify certain aspects of gameplay and address bugs previously found in the game. For a comprehensive list of modifications, please read the patch text file provided with the patch.

Skill Balance Changes:

Whirlwind now alternates between two weapons when using two-weapon style.

Increased Holy Shock's melee damage bonus.
Decreased the power of Conviction.
Added a casting delay for Fist of Heavens and increased its damage.
Increased the blocking bonus that Holy Shield gives.
Conviction does not affect immunities.

Increased Fire Golem's melee damage.
The hitpoints for a Revived monster no longer increase with more players in a game.
Amplify Damage and Lower Resist do not affect immunities.

Increased Fire Wall's damage.
Increased Blizzard's duration.
Decreased Meteor's casting delay.
Decreased casting time for Chain Lightning and Lightning.
Increased Frozen Orb's damage.
Thunderstorm now hits a target every time.
Cold Mastery will not affect cold immune monsters.
The damage inflicted by Ice Blast, Fire Ball, Lightning, Nova, and Glacial Spike, per level has been increased.

Increased Freezing Arrow damage.
Increased Ice Arrow damage.
Increased Immolation Arrow damage, added a casting delay and decreased the fire duration.
Added a casting delay to Plague Javelin and increased its damage.

Major bugs
Addressed certain duping issues when entering and leaving games.
Fixed a bug which could allow you to have a defense rating after using Berserk.

[[Bug fixes & Modifications]]


Creatures can be summoned in town, as long as the summoning does not require a corpse.
Adjusted affix level for wands and staves. (Higher levels of these items have better magic attributes.)
Increased the chance of enhanced damage affixes on weapons.
Increased the chance of enhanced attack rating affixes on weapons.
Increased the chance of enhanced armor affixes on armor.
Increased the chance of elemental damage suffixes on weapons.
Increased the level and the damage for certain high level elemental damage affixes.
Increased chances of extra quantity affixes on throwing items.
Increased chances of regenerate quantity affixes on throwing items.
Changed Izual to be able to drop treasure.
Changed Charsi's imbue quest to always give a plus to individual skills on items that can have them.
Items sold to stores are priced as if they were fully repaired.
Lowered prices for items with +2 or +3 to single skills.
Removed throwing potions from stores.
Unique monsters with the "teleport" attribute now heal a fixed amount.
Crushing blow is at 1/2 effectiveness on bows.
Crushing blow is affected by physical resistance.
Increased chances of finding unique and set items.
Slightly increased the item drop rate for extra players in a game that are not in your party.
Lowered gambling prices that scale with your level.
Changed prices on rejuvenation and full rejuvenation potions.
Increased blocking for grim shield.
Increased AC for Bone visage helm.
Changed increased rate items, (fast, faster, fastest) to display as a percentage faster.
When used in melee throwing weapon durability decreases at one third the thrown rate.
+2 to all skills affixes can now spawn on rare amulets.
Changed items with pierce to use their pierce value as a percentage instead of as a level in the skill.
Added sound to shift-click of potions in grid.
Keys now stack to 12 instead of 6.
Right mouse click works the same as left mouse click if assigned an attack skill.
Act II hirelings have been improved with additional skills including auras.
When using two-handed attacks the speed of both weapons are averaged.

Minor bugs

Added missing "crimson" affix with adds +5-10 fire resistance.
Fixed a bug were expert's/veteran's/master's prefixes were swapped with sounding/resonant/echoing prefixes.
Fixed a bug which allowed spells cast while wearing items of piercing to have piercing.
Fixed a bug where single skill bonuses did not stack properly.
Fixed a bug where variable costs for armor types was not being calculated properly.
Fixed a bug where you were allowed to multi-buy rejuv potions in stores.
Fixed the bug that added javelin damage to Lightning Fury, and made the graphics simpler for the lightning.

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Diablo II v1.08 patch

This is a great improvement in gameplay for characters such as the sor. However I updated my Diablo and i lost everything i had. And No not all my stuff was hacked, (maybe 1 or 2). I lost everything, on my body and in my stash. I strongly recommend not downloading this patch. Good thing i back up my chars.

Diablo II v1.08 patch

The new patch is a big disgrace to the game. It makes the game unbearable to play. The new "balance" of characters actually just made things more worst for all characters besides the sorceress. If Blizzard wants to keep their hopes high for more players and sales for the expansion pack, they should remove the patch. In short, they patch has made players stop playing the game and made the game plain out horrible.

Diablo II v1.08 patch

Whoa. This patch makes the game so hard! A level 37 pally with 1200 defense almost got killed by a skeleton boss in ACt1 hell by one hit. Nightmare hell is a killer. I feel sorry for the hardcore characters that died because of this. GL to all that play this game.

Diablo II v1.08 patch

hey, i havent even been able to complain about this patch yet because the piece of s**t is saying the f*king play cd isnt in the drive...it is in there and it still doesnt work. can someone help me out with this problem?

Diablo II v1.08 patch

allright this patch did some things like it's kinda cool when u gamble if your lvl one the rate of the money is really low like 200 if your lvl is 13 the rate of gamble go's up like 2000 so thats kinda cool and when u buy stuff it's more in there alot of items u could by not from before but what kinda sucks is that they fixed a bug from some mosters coming in town in act 2 i never sawed that happen omg it's soo dum i tryed using a patch from megagames site and it didn't work b/c d2 i think made it like u can't use a patch i think omg this is kinda pissing me off now grrr

Diablo II v1.08 patch

erm im loking for a patch that can let me enter battle.net with mi copy of D2 but i cant seem to find it, i would like that the patch can let me play with the 1.09 cuz mi game.exe dosent suport the 1.09 version of D2 thx


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