Half-Life: Counter Strike v1.2


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For those HL owners using CS Mod, make sure to use the HL auto update utility (you can get it here on MG). I used this tool myself and it works very well - especially if you're not sure which patch you need.

Keep in mind that there will be no CS mod 1.2, it will go right to 1.3. CS Mod 1.3 and CS Retail will be out in a few weeks, if not longer. Remember that these are the patches that will incorporate Valve's new Voice Communication technology and multicast spectator.

Half-Life: Counter-Strike v1.2 Release Documentation -- Readme.txt [6.30.01]

Changes/Additions :
- Added Deathmatch Classic
- New Automatic update system.
- Fixed GL texture binding problem (white skin bug).
- Optimized model drawing.

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Cheat codes

Cheat codes Right click the games shortcut on your desktop, choose Properties, in the Target field add the following text: hl.exe -dev -toconsole. Then during game play press ~ (tilde) to bring up the console, then type in: sv_cheats 1. Press ~ (tilde) again, and enter one of the following: God mode /god Adjust gravity /sv_gravity <-999 - 999999> All weapons and ammo /impulse 101 Developer mode on /developer 1 Verbose developer mode /developer 2 Developer mode off /developer 0 Suicide /kill Map select1 /map No clipping mode /noclip Obtain item2 /give Opponents ignore character /notarget Third person view /thirdperson Return to first person view /firstperson Auto-reload enabled /+reload Auto-reload disabled /-reload Set reload speed; 0 is fastest, 3500 is default /rate <0-3500> Speak word /speak Speak sentence /speak See things brightly without flashlight /lambert -1.0001 Toggle light amplifier /r_fullbright <0,1> Strange colors and wireframes /r_fullbright 9 Toggle game speed /host_framerate <0,1> Spawn human grunt /impulse 76 HEV suit, weapons, and ammo /impulse 101 Spawns gibs and blood /impulse 102 Monster stats, while looking at monster /impulse 103 List global entities /impulse 104 Silent player /impulse 105 Model/sprite stats, while looking at target /impulse 106 Texture name, while looking at object /impulse 107 Control onscreen monsters /impulse 109 AI node information /impulse 195 AI node information /impulse 196 AI node information /impulse 197 AI node information /impulse 199 Spawn blood /impulse 202 Delete monster or NPC from world /impulse 203

Half-Life: Counter Strike v1.2

this download is only a mirror to counter strike official web site, so go to [url removed] and it will give u a list of mirrors as well, but then click on the one thats closest to your location and it will start the download.


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