Half-Life: Counter Strike v1.2


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For those HL owners using CS Mod, make sure to use the HL auto update utility (you can get it here on MG). I used this tool myself and it works very well - especially if you're not sure which patch you need.

Keep in mind that there will be no CS mod 1.2, it will go right to 1.3. CS Mod 1.3 and CS Retail will be out in a few weeks, if not longer. Remember that these are the patches that will incorporate Valve's new Voice Communication technology and multicast spectator.

Half-Life: Counter-Strike v1.2 Release Documentation -- Readme.txt [6.30.01]

Changes/Additions :
- Added Deathmatch Classic
- New Automatic update system.
- Fixed GL texture binding problem (white skin bug).
- Optimized model drawing.

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Half-Life: Counter Strike v1.2

j'AIME BIEN "megagames" ET AUSSI "COUNTER STRIKE" MAIS MON INTERNET N'EST PAS BON ET JE NE PEUT PAS PREND LE PACH POUR JOUER.cOMMENT JE PEUX LE FAIRE PLUS FASILEMENT?ORI cant give the pach bicause my internet in not good.Can i take the pach for megagames?


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