Heroes of Might and Magic V - 1.4x to 1.5 Retail Patch


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Patch for the US retail edition of Heroes of Might and Magic V has been released.
This patch will update version 1.41 of the game to version 1.5.

Features added

Duel Preset Editor
(Allows creating custom duel presets via the Map Editor for later use in the game's Duel Mode.)

User Campaign
(Allows creating new campaigns for the game by connecting a number of new maps via the Map Editor)

Dialogue and Combat Replay
(Allows the recording and viewing of previously played combats and cutscenesdialogue scenes in the game).

Movie Maker
(Allows the editing of previously saved combat movies)

Observer Mode
(Allows the user to watch other players’ multiplayer Duel Mode matches)

Bugs repaired and changes made:


- Game no longer crashes when a neutral creature attacks a gated enemy with cinematic camera enabled.
- Game no longer desynchronizes after loading a save.
- Game no longer crashes when splitting the joining creature stacks.
- Fixed possible crashes caused by changing the game resolution.
- Fixed memory leaks in combats and combat replays.
- Reduced the amount of bandwidth used during combat.
- Game no longer crashes when someone attempts to teleport to an invalid map cell.
- Game no longer crashes when a Phoenix is summoned after the death of the previous Phoenix
- Game now functions correctly when it is the turn of a creature under the Puppet Master spell.

Camera, graphics, interfaces:

- Camera options work correctly now.
- Gamma color was changed for the Mark of the Necromancer icon
- Fixed inaccessibility of Hero Screen and Ghost Screen interfaces in certain specific cases.
- Creature selection no longer remains on the screen after the time limit is exceeded in duel mode (with Dynamic Battle option).
- Corrected the number of lost creatures shown at the end of combat if the “Raise Dead†spell was used.
- Town “Upgrades†hotkey fixed.
- Griffins no longer disappear from the ATB bar in some cases when the hero performs a melee attack.
- Options sliders can no longer be moved if disabled
- The “Hire creatures†button no longer becomes disabled if there are no dwellings (inside or outside the town) from which to hire creatures.
- War machines no longer appear to be affected by Master of Fire.
- Password length condition removed for MP games.
- Cursor in Ghost Mode only appears active for objects with which it can currently interact.
- Added information about the damage done in ghost combat results (ghost mode).
- Added more information for Resurrection and Raise Dead spell predictions.
- Scroll bars in tavern interface corrected
- Added ubi.com access to ratings for add-on races
- Ghost combat results are now closed automatically if a combat between the Heroes is started afterwards.
- Adventure Map scrolling corrected

Gameplay, Mechanics, Balance:

- The Necromancy working principles have been changed in accordance with v2.1
- The Training working principles have been changed in accordance with v2.1
- Improved combat AI tactics for strike-and-return creatures.
- AI now uses “Mark of Necromancer†ability properly.
- AI no longer casts the Armageddon spell if it can win with no casualties without using the spell.
- AI now understands players' divertive placing tactics (such as those needed to defend shooting creatures).
- AI can now bring its troops closer to moats.
- AI no longer stops casting spells after Counterspell has been cast.
- AI now uses Necromancy more efficiently.
- AI now ignores summoned creatures in combat if it is shortly to eliminate the main forces.
- It is no longer possible to duplicate the army illegally in duel mode.
- Fixed: Autosave did not function in some conditions
- A primary skill has been now added for hero ‘Vayer’.
- The use of "Consume Artifact" has been disabled for human players in Quick/Auto Combat.
- It is no longer possible to switch the hero in 3x3-duel mode when a hypnotized unit's turn comes.
- “Imbue Arrow†now works properly even if “Deadeye Shot†is not present.
- It is no longer possible to control blinded creature with “Divine Guidance†or “Teleport Assaultâ€.
- Hero now moves to the town gate cell after defeating the town guards.
- Arch-Devils can now summon Pit Lords from any demonic corpse.
- Hero Naadir can no longer raise ghosts from phantoms.
- Angels can no longer escape Treant’s Entangling Roots in Quick/Auto Combat.
- Complex artefacts (“Magic scroll of…â€, “Wand of…â€) now work properly when equipped from the start of the mission.
- “Firewall†and “Fire Trap†now function properly when applied to creatures on their initial positions right after Tactic phase.
- In duel 3x3 mode, spell effects on the hero are now only active when this hero is present on the battlefield.
- Fire shield only retaliates to melee attacks now.
- Corrected the amount of mana present at the end of the turn for heroes cursed by ghosts.

Map Editor:

- The map editor documentation has been updated with changes related to the new features.
- Corrected the game editor option concerning the number of monsters that can be set in a troop.

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