Mafia v1.1 Patch


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This is a small patch that will update your version of Mafia to v1.1

List Of Changes:

- Speaker selection fix in the Mafia Setup
- Matrox Parhelia surround gaming support
- FSAA autodetection fix for new ATI cards
- ATI Radeon compatibility fix
- On Board Sound Card compatibility fix
- Fixed Force Feedback compatibility fix with peripherals
- Racing mission difficulty decreased
- Overall performance fixes
- Problems playing the intro movies:

When Running Mafia under Windows XP (Home and Professional) with Service Pack 1 Installed:

If you try to start and play certain games on a Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1)-based computer, the game may stop responding (hang) or it may quit unexpectedly when the introductory video clip starts.

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Mafia v1.1 Patch

I hate the shit MAfia. No that was a gag I like it! Jes I like it very very very very very and so on. I played it on Saturday and Wednesday and Friday and jes too many!!!

Mafia v1.1 Patch

Hey i downloaded this and when i sayed it to open it just said, " do you want to uninstall mafia?"E-mail the real V1.1 patch to me please. I need it to update my version.I love this game i have to say whe this has nothing to do with what i just said.


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